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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Adder Carballo is a character created by Quinn. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of Vampire Town".


He was a Gothic teenager obsessed with vampires. He often dressed the part wearing black clothes and sunglasses. When his mom convinced his father to let him pick a trip, he chose to visit the town of Wisteria. He heard a rumor that a week before, there was a brief vampire attack one evening. He believed it have been the work of master vampire Dreyfus. He decided to try and find out once and for all if vampires were real. And try and hunt one down. He even had rare vials of a vampire delicacy as bait. It was a mixture of raven's blood with nightshade and mandrake. All the way from Romania. Something that apparently no vampire can resist.

So he persuaded his parents to visit Wisteria. He acted the part of a vampire to a t. His parents checked them into a hotel room, but told the hotel manager Stanley that their son wouldn't be checking in until the evening. Stanley being a very tensed and paranoid person grow very suspicious of him. Especially when Adder checked in and requested seeing the catacombs. He was told they were closed to the public, but he still found a way in. This irked Stanley to phone mortician an Carl Mueller to help hunt him down. He was accused of being the vampire who attempted to attack Stanley the week before.

Then as he entered the catacombs, sure enough he found the coffin of Dreyfus! He was amazed thinking this discovery would make him famous. Afterwards, he encountered Carl and Stanley who both accused him of being a vampire. They begun to chase him, as he inadvertently pulled the stake from Dreyfus' coffin and threw it at them.

Then as he ran away from the two men, he suddenly he got the shock of a lifetime. He was approached by an elderly vampire, who introduced himself to be Dreyfus! However Dreyfus was in very poor shape. He was trembling and his flesh was rotting off his face. He was amazed telling him he couldn't believe he was real. But not what he expected. Dreyfus told him he needed to feed. hearing this Adder took a picture and the flash blinded Dreyfus and he ran off.

Then he as ran off some more, he took a tunnel that led him into the funeral parlor in Wisteria. Here encountered Stanley and Carl again. Both men were armed with their hammers and stakes ready. He repeatedly tried to convince them he wasn't a vampire: just a vampire hunter. He even showed them he had a reflection. But Stanley thought it was a trick. He explained to them that he was just pretending to be a vampire, to figure out how they think and act. Also to try and find out if they are real. And to hunt one down.

For a moment they believed him, then suddenly they were about to stake him. Then suddenly a puff a smoke appeared on the floor. Dreyfus appeared! Stanley ran away in fear, and Dreyfus prepared to feed on Carl. Then he offered Dreyfus a vial of raven's blood. Dreyfus couldn't resist it. Then as Dreyfus was busy drinking it, Adder opened the curtains and destroyed Dreyfus with the rays of the morning sunshine.

Carl was shocked and amazed that he wasn't a vampire after all. And Carl gratefully thanked him for saving his life. He was amazed about the events saying that he never actually thought he would find a vampire, he thought it was all just a game. Carl seriously told him that in Wisteria it's no game, because there are dozens of vampires buried in the catacombs. Usually they have no problems, but every once in a while one shows up and it really is Vampire Town. For saving Carl's life his only favor in return is for him to tell Stanley that he's not actually a vampire. They laugh about how Stanley ran off like a scared weenie when Dreyfus appeared

The next morning, his parents were most surprised to see that he had changed. He was not wearing sunglasses and he was wearing normal clothing. Also he washed off the Gothic make up. His dad told him it might be creepy but he's ready to go see the catacombs with him. He was happy to hear this but tells him that they are closed. Instead he asks his dad if they can go to the football game, which they are all happy and excited to do.

Then after checking out, he thanked Stanley for keeping quiet about what happened the other night. Then he gave Stanley another vial of Raven's blood, in case he encountered more vampires. However, Stanley seems really grateful, sniffing it almost like he was in paradise.

Now he was confused. So he asked Stanley if Dreyfus only rose the other night, then who attacked Carl Mueller the week before. Stanley tells him, that he was hoping everyone would think it was him. Since it's getting harder and harder for Stanley to go around undetected. Then he was shocked to see Stanley had no reflection! Stanley was the vampire! He then told him: "I Hope you like Vampire Town, because you'll be staying here a long long time!". Then in a big hiss, Stanley opened his fangs to bite him!


  • Kyle Downes also portrayed Nathaniel.
    • Kyle Downes also portrayed Tom in the Goosebumps episode "An Old Story".

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