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Adrian Harcombe/Macbeth is a character created by Megan. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Walking Shadow".


Years ago, in 1949 Adrian was happily married to his loving wife Hermione St. Claire. They were both professional actors, staring in a production of the Shakespearean play Macbeth. The play was going wonderfully, then before the final act began Adrian suddenly got terminally sick and died very suddenly. How he died and what he died from is unknown.

After he died, his ghost remained haunting the theater, waiting for a production of the play to take place again but it never did. Adrian's ghost haunted the theater. to punish those people who disrespected the rules and traditions of the theater. Things such as whistling in the theater, saying a plays name inside the theater and leaving with a costume on.

Finally, fifty years later in 1999 a group of students from Greenwich High School put on a production on the play. His wife who had been deceased for the pasty twenty years, came back as a ghost to make sure no one would drop out of the play and properly respected the theater.

Ross Doyle, who was playing MacDuff, told his wife he didn't believe in ghosts and whistled in the theater and yelled the name of the play several times. Adrian recognized him as the one playing Macduff and vowed to do the final scene with him. Adrian reminded him several times, scaring the daylights out of him almost making him quit the play for good.

Finally during the dress rehearsal, he summoned his ghost into a costume and he took form. He then locked Jesse who was playing Macbeth in a wardrobe, and went to the stage in his place. As he walked onto the stage, most of the cast members ran off terrified from the very sight of him. Hermione begged Ross to do the scene with him, and let him finish because he had been waiting for so long.

Ross agreed and they did an amazing job acting out the final scene. During the sword fight, it was shown that Adrian was a master swordsman and almost beat his opponent, but he properly went through with the script to the end. His wife watched so proudly almost crying tears of joy for him.

Afterwards, his wife ran into his arms and they reunited, completing his unfinished business at long last. He and his wife changed back to their 1949 younger selves thanked Ross for helping him complete the final scene and then he and his wife had a passionate kiss and. Then finally they peacefully crossed over to the afterlife at last.


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