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This good character is a hero.

Alex is a character created by Vange. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Zombie Dice".


Alex is very a careful and cautious person. Unlike who friend Tate who likes taking risks, chances and gambles. Therefore Tate often mocked him for being this way calling him a granny. After school, he and his little brother Andre hung out at "Click's Emporium". This was a popular after school hangout. One that had all sorts of games, video games, snacks and sodas.

Tate also enjoyed hanging out there as well. Recently his friend Tate had been very popular, for winning bets and high scores on video games. Then Tate challenged him to a video game. Knowing how easily he could beat him, he turned down the offer, because he knew that Tate can beat him easily. Tate then teased him in front of everyone about how he never took a risk or a challenge. Then to motivate him, Tate offered him an easy challenge: Tate bet him that the place would close at 7:00 pm. When everyone knew perfectly well and it was even mentioned on the wall that it closed at 6:00 pm. Much to the chagrin and embarrassment of his little brother, he chose not to accept the bet. Since he thought that it just sounded silly. So now even his little brother though that he was a wimp. Then Tate mocked him again. He told him that he couldn't even bet, when he knew that he was going to win.

Then when the place was closing, the owner Mr. Click applauded him for being a wise young man, and never letting anyone talk him into playing games that he was not comfortable playing. Then he listened to hearing that Mr. Click challenged Tate to play a private game with him. If Tate won, he would get free run of the emporium for a year. But if he lost, all Mr. Click wanted was Tate's thumbprint. Afterwards, this left them all confused and a little creeped out.

The next day after school, he somehow got free movie passes. So he invited Tate to go to the movies with him. Instead Tate decided to take on Mr. Click's challenge, and felt that he couldn't back down on a challenge. He tried to talk him of doing it. Since giving Mr. Click his thumbprint if he lost, just sound too weird and creepy to him. Tate told him that he just had to do. Because he wasn't a granny like he was.

A little later, he and Andre hadn't seen Tate for a while now. So they were starting to get worried about him. So he and his brother went looking for Tate at the emporium. The place was closed, but with a hunch he checked the backroom to see if Tate and Mr. Click were still playing their challenge. Seeing that Tate left his coat, he had a hunch he still must have been there. So he stumbled upon a secret door and entered the backroom. When he entered the backroom, he bumped into Mr. Click's, brainwashed, and poorly treated henchman Klimbo. Klimbo grunted and tried to apprehend him, but he blew steam from a pipe in his face. Then he ran off with Klimbo chasing after him to the end of the room. Here he found Tate shrunken inside a caged box. He was shocked to see him this way. So he asked him what had happened to him.

Mr. Click came by and said that he won their wager and took his thumbprint. So when you take someone's thumbprint you own them. Therefore Mr. secretly uses a machine to shrink the losers down to a miniature size. Then he sells them to buyers all around the world who are eager to pay handsomely for rare and unique little pet humans. Mr. Click then informed him that Tate would be going off to a buyer in Australia. That is.. if he survived the trip. Apparently not all of them do. But if he did, he may enjoy it down there.

Then he demanded that he let Tate go, but Mr. Click said no because he lost. Therefore he challenged Mr. Click to play the same game, that Tate lost, and if he lost he would give him his thumbprint. The game was called Zombie Dice: A player was given two dice. Each dice had a red skull on one side of them. A player had to throw them three times. If a red skull appeared even once, the player would lose. He briefly thought it over, and he decided to have Mr. Click throw the dice. This way he can find out whether or not the game was rigged. Mr. Click agreed, but took his sweet time throwing the dice and he won the game. Then Klimbo grabbed him and was about to take him to the pedestal machine. Then he begged for another chance, because he had never gambled before. Then he requested another game. This time he wagered that if he lost Mr. Click could have his little brother!

Over at the bar, he bet him that he could rink two mugs of soda before he can finish one small glass. All he wanted was a head start to be fair. Also Mr. Click couldn't pick up the glass until he finished the first mug. Also Mr. Click cannot touch his mugs, and he cannot touch Mr. Click's glass. Mr. Click agreed to it, on the condition that he would drink three mugs. Since it became more difficult, he had him raise the stakes. Therefore if won, not only would he his friends all go free, but he would get Mr. Click's thumbprint. Mr. Click felt overconfident with himself and agreed to it. After reviewing the rules of their game it began. He drank the first mug very slowly, with Mr. Click feeling sure that he would lose. However the trick of the game was then revealed: He placed his empty mug upside down on top of Mr. Click's glass. Therefore, since Mr. Click could not touch his mugs, he was now able to take his time and finish before he did. Mr. Click was furious, saying how unfair it was. Then he tauntingly reminded him that it was fair, because he agreed to it.

Mr. Click complained because he felt that he was cheating. Then to his relief Tate was freed. Tate informed Mr. Click him that he was the loser. Tate applauded him and apologized to him for before. Tate then told him that he now realized that he wasn't such a Granny after all. He proudly replied by saying that he may be a Granny, but he was just a very smart Granny smirking at Mr. Click. Mr. Click tried to make a run for it and pack up and leave in a hurry. By now Mr. Click had and pushed Klimbo around for the last time. Klimbo was now fed up with him. So Klimbo closed in on him. Then in a big bright flash of light. He, Andre and Tate asked Klimbo where Mr. Click was. Klimbo smiled to them and said that the game was over. Then Klimbo headed off with Mr. Click securely locked inside the box.

Soon Click's Emporium was closed down and Mr. Click was never seen again.


  • Jay Baruchel also portrayed Joe, Ross Doyle and Jason Midas.
  • Jay Baruchel also co-starred with Elisha Cuthbert and Vanessa Lengies in the children's show Popular Mechanics for Kids.

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