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This good character is a hero.

Alex is a character created by Andy. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Photo Finish".


Alex attends Tillinghast Academy. Which is a prestigious private school for boys. Where the rich pay to attend, but the poor and regular class come on paid scholarships.

He is from a regular class family, During the fall of the school year, the club was accepting new members. Therefore he and his best friend Chandler, (a rich boy) decided to take on the initiation. Since they were an inseparable team.

Eventually only he, Chandler and two other pledges were left. They were given a test of bravery. They must be brave enough to eat the cold intestines of a wild boar blindfolded. He, Chandler and another unnamed boy were able to do it. However the forth pledge freaked out over how gross it was. Finally the fourth boy ran off scared. Afterwards it turned out to be nothing more than just cold cherry gelatin.

Then the club president Renfrew told he, Chandler and the third boy that they had passed the test of bravery. Renfrew then told he, Chandler and a third boy, that their final test to get in was for each of them to pull off a prank or a joke. One that was creative and original and they must not get caught.

That afternoon on the way back to their dorm, he was so excited. He believed that once they were in the club, they would rule the school and be popular. He happily discussed the ideas for the prank he might pull off. He came up with ideas such as of sending out a fake email that there is a holiday. Or sending out a fake message, that the lizards have escaped from the biology lab. Therefore they could be just about anywhere and to carefully watch where to sit.

Chandler said that he was thinking of swiping a painting from the Hall of Headmasters. Then to put it up in the detention room. Finally sensing that something was bothering him, he asked him what was wrong. Finally Chandler blurted it out. Chandler told him that Renfrew told him that they don't want him to in the club. Hearing this he was shocked and disappointed. He could perfectly guess that it was because he was from an average income family. So he came to the school on a paid scholarship. instead of being from a rich family. Since they were best friends and a team, He tried to convince him to quit as well. But Chandler believed that since his grandfather and father were members at a time, then he must carry on he family tradition and stay in the club. He was disappointed to hear this.

Later that night, Chandler snuck through a window into the Hall of Headmasters. Chandler then chose a painting to swipe. When suddenly Chandler set off the alarm. So Chandler hurried back to their dorm.

An elderly Professor, frantically had a Security Guard check every room. Chandler panicked when he couldn't find anywhere to hide the painting. So he reluctantly helped him. They figured out that they could just peel it off. So they peeled it off and rolled it up, and hid it in their closet. When they peeled off the portrait, he and Chandler were shocked to discover a black and white photo was behind it. One of a small old house. Therefore they hung it up on the wall to just blend in with the room setting.

The Security Guard, finally made his rounds to their room. He and Chandler nervously watched as their room was being inspected, and they were cleared. Then afterwards, Chandler was so relieved and thanked for his help. Because if caught he might have faced expulsion. He coldly welcomed him. The he looked at the old house photo. Then he noticed a creepy teenager sitting on a chair. Then later that night, he woke up. Then he noticed that the kid in the photo was gone. A bit confused he asked Chandler whether or not he was in the picture earlier. But Chandler was too tired to care.

After going to see if the commotion that woke him came from the hall, Chandler called out to him. So he went back, and Chandler surprisingly pointed out that the kid was back in the photo. Suddenly Chandler froze and got captured into the portrait. He was terrified. Immediately he ran into the hall screaming for help. Renfrew and the Lion Society all came to see what his problem was. He was so scared, but he managed to tell them all that the kid in the black and white photo captured Chandler inside of it. Renfrew and the others weren't amused. Renfrew in a cold and smart tone, told him not to bother pulling off a prank. Since their club isn't interested in letting him join. He tried to convince them it was not a prank, but they still didn't believe him.

The next morning, he asked The School Librarian about the "stolen portrait". The Librarian said it was a painting of Headmaster Broffman, which was done in the 1940s. Then he asked her if possibly anything was behind it. Hearing this she was confused. So she told him to check the old yearbooks for more information. Meanwhile, the elderly professor from the other night was nearby. The professor had suspected him.

As he looked through the 1944 yearbook, he came across a memorial page in the camera club section. The memorial was for a student named Jasper Davis: born 1929-1944. He was shocked when he heard noises and sensed that someone was approaching. Suddenly on the other side of the bookcase the Professor popped his head in. The Professor nervously asked him if he had the photograph. He was calm because it was only Professor Barish. Surprisingly he asked him if he had the photograph. Hearing this he denied it at first, worrying that he would face expulsion. Until Professor Barish mentioned where might Chandler be This hinted to him that he knew what the photograph could do. Then the Professor revealed that he believed him, because many years ago his friend got trapped into it as well!

Professor Barish then revealed to him that both he and Jasper Davis enrolled in the Academy in 1944 and were soon best friends. Professor Barish soon joined the Lion Society and got Jasper permission to take their pictures. Then soon the Lion Society decided to play a prank on Jasper. They told Jasper they wanted him to join their club. Jasper was thrilled because he finally felt as if he was going to fit in. Then soon enough the Lion Society revealed to Jasper, that they had no intention of letting him join because he was poor. Then they begun to chase Jasper around and tease him about his clothes and the way he spoke. They chased Jasper all the way onto the clubhouse roof. This was where Jasper accidentally fell off and died.

Then soon enough, the clubhouse moved from the old part of campus to where it was now. Then a month later a mysterious photograph of the old clubhouse appeared. Professor Barish saw his friend and a fellow member get trapped into it after they looked at it. Nobody believed him, they thought he was either crazy or playing another prank. So Professor Barish hid the photograph behind the painting of Headmaster Broffman. Professor Barish then suggested that he should do the same thing, before it captured anybody else.

When he returned to his room, he was not too happy to see Renfrew there, who had come to look for Chandler. Renfrew rudely invited himself in. Then Renfrew rudely explained to him that he wouldn't have been happy in their club anyhow. Renfrew then saw the photograph on the wall. Renfrew recognized it saying that it was the Old Lion Society Clubhouse on the old part of Campus. He was amazed to hear this. Then he warned Renfrew not to look at Jasper. But Renfrew ignored his warning. So Jasper captured him into the photograph. He was very nervous now. Then he remembered that Renfrew mentioned that the old clubhouse was on the old part of campus.

So he wrapped the photo in a shirt (not to capture anyone on the way) and headed over to the old clubhouse. When entering the clubhouse with the photograph, it acted as a port key. So he was instantly traveled into the black and white dimension inside the photograph. Here he saw many empty wall mounted picture frames. He also found the pictures of Professor Barish's friends from 1944. He also saw the captured pictures of Chandler and Renfrew.

Then he was sarcastically welcomed by Jasper Davis. He was shocked to see him because he was deceased. Jasper revealed that he was a vengeful ghost, and he blamed the Lion Society for his death. Because he felt that if they had just let him into the club, he never would have fallen off the roof. Jasper feels that he now has the last laugh, taking the club down with him. Whenever a Lion Society Club Member looks at him or his photograph, Jasper takes their picture and captures them. Then Jasper traps them forever on wall mounted pictures. Jasper then revealed that he now intended to do the same thing to him. Possibly because he wanted to be a member. Or because he saw him as a threat.

Then just before Jasper took his picture, Professor Barish ran in and demanded for Jasper to leave him alone. Jasper then angrily revealed that Felix Barish was his friend at first. But being a club member was more important. Also about how he along with the others chased him onto the roof. Then covered up his picture leaving him lonely for all those years. Professor Barish stated that he was trying to help him not chase him. Also he had no choice, he had to cover his photograph. Or else he would have captured the rest of the club. Jasper then expressed his hatred and feelings of betrayal. Then Jasper prepared his magical camera to take Professor Barish's photo. He tried to stop Jasper by running to tackle him down. But he just went right through him and Jasper laughed it off. Then as he shrugged off bumping into a wall, Professor Barish was captured. Then trapped in a wall mounted photograph.

Jasper then sets his sights on him. He had nowhere to run but to hide in a corner. He then stumbled onto a secret about the dimension. He found out when looking at the window, it mirrored ones on reflection. Therefore he pretended to surrender and to let Jasper capture him. So Jasper proceeded to take his picture. Then he quickly stepped away. Therefore Jasper got caught in his own reflection. Then Jasper was sent into a picture on the wall.

Then he opened the camera, and exposed the film. This freed all of the captured souls, but the realm began to fade and expose. Luckily he ran out just in time. Afterward when looking at the old photo; it vanished and was now back. Professor Barish and Chandler were both freed and thanked him and applauded him on his bravery. Professor Barish said that he hoped his friends from 1944, along with Jasper were now in a better place.

Then Renfrew, appeared and he was astounded and amazed with him. Renfrew Believed that he just pulled off the most incredible prank in history. Therefore Renfrew now accepted him into The Lion Society. After everything they had been through and everything he had learned, he turn him down and quit. He said that he had better things to do other than to hang out with a club of snobs. Chandler now agreed with him, and quit the club as well.


  • Robin Weekes and Daniel DeSanto, both appeared together in a few episodes of the children's show The Adventures of Dudley the Dragon as Dudley's human friends, Matt and Terry.

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