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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Alison Denny is a character created by Gary. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Carved Stone".


Alison and her family had just moved to a new town. She was lonely and she hadn't made any new friends yet. As she sat by her window alcove, she noticed that a person who lived in her room at one time carved onto the alcove bench: "T.J.B. was here". She just wished that Whomever T.J.B. was was still here to keep her company. The she saw a group of teenagers walking by. One of them dropped a pair of goofy eye glasses. She called out to them but they didn't hear her.

She retrieved the broken glasses, and found the shop where they came from. The shop happened to be none other than "Sardo's Magic Mansion". She bought another pair of goofy eye glasses from Sardo. She then introduced herself to him and foolishly told him that she and her family just moved into a town. Also that she was living in the old brown brick house on Maple lane.

Sardo then conned her into buying a little carved stone. He told her that it was an Egyptian friendship stone. One that the would help her get plenty of new friends in no time. He told her to make it work, she had to close her eyes, hold it in her hands. Then to recite the incantation "Amrack Vitualin Ra". She fell for it. So she bought it for a low price with Sardo as always saying he was losing on the deal. When she left the shop, a scary man all dressed in black was lurking by.

Then after she got home, she invited the group of teenagers she saw walking by to come over. Before she answered the door, she said the incantation hoping it would work. A boy named Don, answered the door. Alison gave him the new pair of glasses explaining that she saw him drop them. Don's friend, a girl in a red jacket got smart with her. She rudely complained that she invited them over in the cold just to give them a pair of stupid glasses. She told her to get a life, and then they all left.

She returned to Sardo's shop, explaining that the stone didn't work, so she wanted a refund. The scary man was in the backroom, he covered Sardo's mouth with his hand. Then he spoke to her in Sardo's voice. He lied to her saying that the shop was closed right now. When she left, The scary man demanded to know where his amulet was. So he mesmerized Sardo. When it took effect, he told Sardo that he was in pursuit the Amulet of Ankhra. It was the same stone Sardo had previously sold to her. Sardo under the trance, told the man that he sold it to her and he gave him her address.

At home she was disgusted about being ripped off. So she threw the stone, and it hit her mirror. The mirror jolted with a bit of lightning, Then suddenly the projection of another bedroom was shown. Inside of it, there was a boy writing with a feather quill pen. He was wearing old-fashioned clothes. Also his room had old-fashioned furniture. Confused, she called out "Hello? "The boy was also confused, He answered back asking who was there. However she was too nervous to answer him. So she just picked up the stone, and the mirror became normal again. After this, she was most impressed with it now.

Suddenly, an evil voice called out her name. She looked out her window, and the evil shady scary person from Sardo's shop was there. He told her to look into his eyes. She asked him what he wanted. He told her that she had his amulet and that he wanted it back. The man tried to mesmerize her into giving it to him. So she backs away terrified, covering her eyes while holding the stone. Then she fell right through her mirror. Then she landed into what appears to be another bedroom with very old-fashioned furniture.

She saw the same boy again, so she asked him what he was doing in her bedroom. The boy was armed with a slingshot. He told her his name was Thomas Jefferson Bradshaw and it was his bedroom in his grandmother's house. She says no and that it was her house because her family moved in just last week. She and him both said the exact same address at the same time: 15 Maple Lane. Then she found the initials "T.J.B. was here" carving on the wooden bench again. Also she noticed that the alcove looked much newer. Now she realized it was her room but was just different. She introduced herself to him, and showed him the stone. She said that it was a magic stone and that she somehow traveled through time. She asked him what year it was. Then he told her that it was 1892. She was shocked and amazed to her him say this. Then she told him that with the magical carved stone has, she traveled through the mirror 102 years back in time.

Alison nicknamed the boy Tom and they got to know each other. They realized they were a lot alike. They were both an only child and they both didn't have any friends. This was because, Tom was an orphan and he lived all alone with his strict Grandmother, and she never let him out of the house. They became quick friends. Then she invited him to visit her time. She felt that he would just love movies and video games. Then just as she was about to head back to her time, she nervously stopped. She suddenly remembered the evil, scary person who was outside her window. Tom ensured her that he was a good shot with his slingshot. Therefore he would protect them. So she took them over to her time.

Suddenly someone was knocking at the door! Slowly the door was opened. The person was Sardo, he came over to warn her. He informed her that the stone really was a powerful amulet. It was known as the Amulet of Ankhra. The Amulet belonged to a truly evil monk known as Brother Septimus. The monk was supposed to have been hanged in the 15th century, but he escaped and he was now on the loose. Then suddenly, that scary man known as Brother Septimus jumped in. He grabbed Sardo, so she and Tom ran away in fear.

She and Tom taunted the monk with the stone tossing it back and forth to each other. Then she grabbed Sardo by the hand, and exited through a mirror into Tom's time. In Tom's time, they ran upstairs to Tom's bedroom. There she explained to Sardo what the amulet can do. Sardo wondered how it worked. So he tapped the stone onto the mirror and went through it. Unfortunately, just as Sardo went through The Monk now came through too. The Monk closed in on her, asking for the amulet. She told him that she didn't have it. Then he threatened to make her suffer for messing with him. Suddenly Tom came back through the mirror. Tom threatened to shoot the monk with the amulet in his slingshot.

She then observed the Monk overpower him. The monk made him look into his eyes to mesmerize him. Then he took off his glove to reveal his right hand, had a five inch long sharp silver fingernail. Then the monk closed in to slit Tom's throat. She told Tom not to look into the monks eyes. So Tom snapped out of the trance. Then she jumped on the monks back and they both bumped into the mirror. Then just as this happened Tom shot the amulet at the mirror with his slingshot. Then she and the monk both fell through as it shattered in a huge blinding flash.

She and Sardo made it back safely. Then she looked through the shattered mirror pieces. She found that in one piece Brother Septimus was stuck in it. It would seem that he was accidentally sent to some unknown dimension. By the look of things, it was possibly the abyss and it begun to tear and rip him apart and he vaporized.

Then Tom called to her through another piece of the mirror. So she asked him to come through. He tells her it's too late and he can't because The mirror is broken. She tells him sorry and he tells her not to be sorry, because he was glad that he finally made a friend and he waved goodbye to her. She sadly said goodbye to him and wished for him to have a good life. Then after he vanished she and Sardo Suddenly noticed that there was another carving on the wooden bench near the window. The carving was a heart with the words "Alison and Tom friends forever" meaning that as time went on, Tom never forgot about her. She also would never forget him. Since he was the first new friend she made in her new house.


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