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This good character is a heroine.

Alix is a character created by Betty Ann. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Sorcerer's Apprentice".


Alix cares deeply for her friend Dean Berkham. She and him were close and had a wonderful friendship. Her friend Dean was not as popular as she was. Also he did not do very good at his school work. After failing another test, she could see him feeling down in the dumps about how awful his life seemed to be. So she gave him comforting and morale support. She did this to encourage him to not give up, feeling his luck was going to change soon.

Then one day, during World Cultures class, a female archaeologist named Dr. Oliver visited her class. She showed her class a recently discovered ancient Babylonian solid gold staff. It was shaped like a cobra near the top and it had red jeweled eyes. Dr. Oliver claimed that apparently it once belonged to an evil Babylonian sorcerer named Goth. Goth was a sorcerer who enslaved many people to do his biding. The writing also said that following Goth would bring one good fortune. But crossing Goth could lead to ones destruction. She didn't realize that the golden staff, piqued Dean's interest. So when Dean took a very close look at it, the staff placed him under a spell.

The next day, in Ms. Crenshaw's science class. The class was taking another science test. She found it odd that Dean suddenly stood up and walked out and appeared to have not taken the test. After the class was over she asked him why he didn't take the test and just walked out. Then he told her that he did and that he aced it. Then he scolded her for thinking he couldn't ace a test. Then he pushed her away. He told her that she must think he is useless just like everyone else did.

Soon Dean stopped stopped talking to her completely. She noticed he started dressing like a bad boy, wearing jeans and a leather jacket. Also that he begun hanging out with a new group of students. One day she noticed Dean stealing dangerous and corrosive chemicals from the science class such as mercuric acid. Then she followed Dean all the way to the basement.

She eavesdropped on Dean showing a group of his friends that the mercuric acid could create a pathway. She found out that pouring some into a cauldron, then throwing in some nightshade and a Belladonna plant, creates the mystic vapors. These vapors can supposedly free Goth. Dean soon caught her spying on him. So he sent his friends out to catch her. But she out ran them and got away.

Then at a later time, she spied on Dean again. She saw him talking to a vision of Goth. She was horrified as she heard him tell Goth that he almost had everything he needed to free him. She heard Goth tell him it had to be done soon at the next full moon. Realizing the next full moon was coming up she was horrified. So she tried to get away. Then she backed into something and made a noise. Goth could see her and instructed Dean to get her. She ran back to school to look for Dr. Oliver, to see if she had an answer. Then according to Ms. Crenshaw she left the other day to visit another school. She tried to explain to her that Dean was being possessed by an evil spirit. Then it turned out that she was also. Then Ms. Crenshaw asked her to join her goth as well. Then she ran away in terror. Everywhere around the school she went, she just kept on finding more and more possessed people.

The she ran off into the auditorium. There she found Dean waiting for her. At first Dean seemed like his normal self again. he was very happy with her, because she was right about how his luck was going to change. She tries to convince him to come to his senses and to resist Goth. This proved to be too late. Since Goth's control on her friend was now too great. Then he dismissed her as a friend and claimed that sooner or later she would become a follower too.

That night before the full moon, she followed Dean and his friends to school. She tried to run off and call the police, when she saw them bringing in tons of mercuric acid. Then his friends grabbed her and stopped her from running away. Dean had her dragged with them to the school basement. He tells her and the the followers that apparently the school closed the pool off more than 25 years ago. There was a young girl who went crazy in there. When the guards found her in pool room, she was completely out of her mind.

Tonight Dean and his friends were going to break in and use the pool. When they entered the pool room. She watched Dean set up the staff with the red power jewel. Then his possessed friends begin to pour the big barrels of mercuric acid into the pool. Then she watched Dean stand on the diving board and toss in a bag full of Belladonna leaves and nightshade.

The she intercepted it by pulling out the red jewel from the snake staff. After this happened, all of Dean's friends except him fainted. She could see that Goth was beginning to return. However, Goth decided to try and kill her for all of her constant interferences. So Goth began to focus on her. Suddenly Dean was finally freed from his brainwashing. At first he couldn't remember what was going on, then quickly he remembered again.

Then as goth closed in on her Dean instructing her to pour the chlorine into the pool. She quickly poured it into the pool. Then it dissolved the nightshade. Then in a flashing explosion Goth was sent back to where he was. She asks him how he knew what to do. Dean revealed that he remembered it from Ms. Crenshaw's chemistry exam, that he knew that chlorine would kill the bacteria in the leaves. She and Dean finally reunited, hugged and became friends again. Then they left the school and went home.

Meanwhile Dr. Oliver came into the pool house after she and Dean Left. She clandestinely revealed herself to be Goth's first apprentice from 1966. She apologized to the staff because their mission failed and not to worry. Since she placed jewels in all of the High School's she's already visited. She assured it they'll have another chance. Then she placed another jewel into the mouth of the staff. Once again it began to glow a gleaming red! Meaning eventually someone else will become the next apprentice!

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