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This is a neutral character as well as a victim!

Allan Price is a character created by Quinn. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Wisdom Glass".


Allan Price was a snobby and stuck up spoiled rich kid. His father was a successful lawyer, who was often too busy to spend time with him. He was a very lonely and unhappy person. Since he had a hard time making friends with people who liked him for who he was. Not just his money and what he could give to them. He was mostly close with his limousine driver Trevor. Although he treated Trevor poorly like a personal slave. However Trevor tolerated it.

He often shopped at a store named Game City. Here the store manager Phil would let him run a tab and call his father to access paymnent. Which he began to take advantage of. One day he was at the store buying a bunch of computer games. Phil was very grateful. Since he knew that he was rich and he would make a lot of money from him. Therefore Phil tolerated the abuse of Allan being rude and ungrateful to him for all his help.

He then observed Phil mistreat a poor boy, who had just been looking around a long time. He watched Phil snap at the poor boy, telling him that the store was not a museum. So he was to either buy something or leave. Phil then told him that he hated poor people. Because they never buy anything. They just look, and most of them usually steal stuff.

Allan, (not even knowing him yet) stood up for him. He told Phil that he was his brother and not to talk about him that way. Phil worried that he would lose his business from him immediately apologized to him. Then he demanded Phil to call his dad for a credit card number to pay for his huge purchase. He then went over and introduced himself. The poor boy introduced himself to be Jimmy Miller. Then they shook hands. He then offered to buy Jimmy the computer game he wanted. It was called "Wisdom Game, The Ultimate Journey of Knowledge". Then Phil humiliated him in public and became nasty to him. This was because, his father would not let him buy anything else. Until he's learn to understand the value of money. Then after arguing a little bit, about not being able to pay, he was kicked out and told not to come back.

However, he was kicked out so fast, he accidentally stole the computer game. He only noticed that he stole it when he got into his limousine and his driver Trevor was about to drive him home. Before leaving, he could see Jimmy out the window. So he invited him into the limousine. He then gave him the computer game as a gift. Jimmy was so grateful that he invited him over to his house, so they could play it.

When driven there, he was still mad at his father for cutting him off. So he told Trevor not to answer him and let him worry a while. Also he smirked to Trevor that being in a poor neighborhood made him feel important. Almost like he waa prince slumming with a pauper. He then snapped at Trevor warning him not to cross him. Then he went inside.

Inside Jimmy's room, he noticed a hockey stick. So he asked him if he liked hockey. Jimmy said that he loved it. Also that he and his dad go to hockey games all the time. Hearing this he now seemed a little disappointed. He informed him that his dad was always too busy to ever take him to a game. Jimmy then loaded the CD-ROM into the computer. However, the computer was really old, and he wasn't sure the computer wouls be able to support the software. Luckily the program ran successfully. Jimmy registered both of their names and it connected online.

He and Jimmy then found out that just the next day, a Game of Wisdom card tournament would be taking place. The prize would be $10,000. Then the printer automatically printed out the directions to the tournament. Then the computer conked out and crashed. Jimmy felt determined that they would win. So he and Jimmy happily agreed to split the prize money.

The next day, Trevor drove them both to the location of the tournament. The odd thing was that it was in a field in the middle of nowhere. So nothing was there but a small wooden shed. Trevor reading the directions carefully, confirmed that it should be the place. When he and Jimmy noticed that the shed has a W on it, they figured that it must be it. He then rudely told Trevor to wait for them and not fall asleep.

Once inside, they were teleported into a dark realm. They entered a room full of people who were already playing the tournament. Then they noticed a woman hovering around. She was a gorgeous blonde woman with no eyes. She informed he and Jimmy they must heed the rules of wisdom. Which are: respect, integrity and honesty. She then gave them both brown monks robes to wear. Then she informed them that she was the The Keeper (not to be confused with this Keeper) and registered their names.

However he got scared when he found out that she was magical, and that she was conjuring a crystal ball to register their names. It tells them their names were not worthy. Then her eyes appeared and they glared blood red. Now she seemed to be furious and snapped for the guards to get them. He and Jimmy tried to make a run for it, but he and Jimmy got captured. The Keeper tells them that they have been waiting for them. Then he and Jimmy were tthrown into a court room. The Judge (wearing a powdered wig and mask) informed them that they were not in a game. They were in the realm of Wisdom.

It turned out that the computer game was so sophisticated, that cyberspace had formed a real realm of wisdom. So it turned out that he and Jimmy had been brought there to be placed on trial to defend themselves. Therefore, if found guilty they would pay for their crime. The crime of stealing wisdom.

In a holding cell, Jimmy figured out that they had been accused of stealing the computer game. Jimmy asked him why they think they stole it. He nervously lied saying that he didn't know. Jimmy wanted him to convince them that they didn't steal it. He thinks that he can because he's rich and seems honest and no one may ever suspect him. Unlike him, people always suspect a poor person would do something so wrong. He believes that they can't prove they really stole it. Therefore they'll will be off the hook in no time. Saying this, he made Jimmy feel reassured.

At the trial, he says they can't be put on trial and insisted they call his father. Judge Day says yes they can. Since they're now in the realm of wisdom. In this realm, the beings have they own way of doing things. For a lawyer he and Jimmy were given a goofy Court Jester, who couldn't take anything seriously. But would only say puns and jokes.

He then insisted on his father being called. Because, he's a lawyer. The Wisdom Glass denies his request. The Jester annoys them making more jokes. He and Jimmy want to fire him and represent themselves. But they aren't allowed to. As the trial proceeds The Keeper interrogated at him, to try and make him admit that he stole the game. He just kept on denying it.

The Keeper then told him that hey had proof. Suddenly Phil the store manager was teleported into the court. Phil pointed to Jimmy and said that he was the one. Phil said that he saw Jimmy staring at the game. Then after he ran out of the store, the game was gone. Jimmy cries that he didn't do it. Then he asked him to speak up for him. Not thinking that he really liked him for who he was, he said that Jimmy stole it and he even told him not to, but wouldn't listen to him. The jury is shocked, Judge Day says the circumstances are now very unusual. So he must consult the Wisdom Glass for an answer. After the Judge and the whole Jury had their lunch break.

In the holding cell, he finally revealed to Jimmy that he did it but he took it by mistake. He did it because Phil humiliated him and wanted to get back at him. Then he asked Jimmy to take the wrap. This is because he was a top honor student, with hopes to follow in his dad's footsteps of becoming a lawyer. Therefore if he was found guilty, this could mess up his future. He begged him to do it, offering him anything he wanted. Then Jimmy decided to take the wrap for him. Not because he likes him for his money, or his clothing or limousine. But because he appreciated the way he stood up for him in the store. Just like the way that a real friend would.

When the trial picked up from where it left off, as promised Jimmy took the blame confessing that it was him. Judge Day then asked him if there was anything to say before passing sentence. He asked him to go easy on him. Then he was told that he was free to go and the guards lead him out.

Then he was thrown outside and he headed back to the limousine. Trevor asked him where his friend was. He informed Trevor that they had a fight and were no longer friends. Trevor then revealed to him that Jimmy bought them hockey tickets, and he was going to treat him to tonight's hockey game. The tickets were a thank you gift for giving him the computer game. Revealing to him that Jimmy really did like him for who he was and not his money.

Realizing this he now felt guilt-ridden. So he ran back inside to confess the truth. He immediately confessed that he was the one, but he didn't mean to take it he just walked out with it by mistake. Then he asked his friend to take the blame. Hearing this, the Judge was amazed and applauded him for telling the truth. Judge Day informed him that he has finally learned what wisdom is all about and that was very brave to confess. What he didn't know what that defendant who was found guilty, was to be immediately executed. Since theft in the realm of wisdom is a capitol offense. Jimmy was about to executed by guillotine. However, since he confessed, Jimmy was set free.

For a moment everything seemed all right. He and Jimmy made up and became friends again. That was until the judge ordered for he to be executed instead. Because..

  1. The judgement of the Wisdom Glass needed to be carried out.
  2. For not confessing in the first place.
  3. For letting his friend take the rap for him when he was the innocent one.

They prepared to lay him down on the guillotine, then Jimmy grabbed the Wisdom Glass. Jimmy threatened to smash it, if he wasn't let go and they both could leave. The whole court was horrified by the idea of it being smashed. Therefore Judge Day reluctantly released him. On the way out, The Court Jester caught the Wisdom Glass, but he idiotically dropped it. Then it shattered into a many pieces to all their horrified surprises.

Back at the limousine they high fived each other over how great they were. Then he ordered Trevor to take them home, but Trevor didn't respond. Then he barked at him about why they were not moving. Then suddenly he and Jimmy were horrified to see that Trevor wass now wearing Judge Day's mask. Judge Day told them that the Judgement of the Wisdom Glass must be carried out. Then the car doors were all locked. He and Jimmy panicked trying to break out of the limousine as they were shown being driven back to the shed, screaming their heads off. It can be assumed that both he and Jimmy were soon executed!

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