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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Amanda is character created by Sam. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Night Shift".


Amanda is an ambitious, serious and mature young woman. She is a very hard worker. She had always seemed to be too busy to have any fun. She went to school all day, had track practice after school. She would finish her homework. Then she would work all night volunteering at the United hospital. Her co-worker Laurette was often confused, on when she would ever find the time to sleep.

Each night she and Nurse Laurette would check in with the head Nurse Hantin. Nurse Hantin would assign her with evening tasks and duties. During the events of the story, Nurse Hantin introduced her to a new nighttime volunteer. The girl was named Margot who seemed like a pretty red haired girl. However, something about her seemed to be strange.

Next Nurse Laurette informed her that there was a cute new patient, who claimed to be a friend of hers. So she went over to see who it was. It was a boy named Colin. He was from her class, and he seemed to be really sick. So she felt really bad for him. Then it turned out that he was just putting on a little façade and show for her attention. All that he was in for, was to have his tonsils taken out. Now she was really mad and annoyed for getting her worried and worked up for nothing. Also what has really been bothering her is that Colin wanted to date her. And he has been on her back about for a very long time now. However she did reciprocate the feelings and felt the same way about him. But she had made up her mind that with school and work, she was too busy for a relationship.

Colin followed her around the hospital, and told her that he only wanted one date. Then if she didn't like him after it, then he would leave her alone. She told him that she did like him. And she thought that he was a nice guy, but at the time being, she was just too busy. Along with school and work to have a relationship. Then he complained to her that she was always busy and never wanted to have any fun. Then she was annoyed to hear that he wouldn't stop asking, until she'd say yes.

After he left, she saw Nurse Laurette who seemed exhausted, and looked to be really out of it and not very responsive. A little later, while getting more bed linen, Colin startled her by walking up from behind. He apologized for scaring her. Then he explained to her that his roommate Bud was missing. So he wanted help finding him, and to not get him in trouble, by telling Nurse Hantin. Then he convinced her that they could have fun together searching around for him. He talked her into it, and she agreed to help him look for Bud.

She and Colin walked around the halls quietly, calling for Bud by name, but got no responses. Then hearing a noise, they hide inside a nearby closet. Inside the closet, she and Colin suddenly saw a horrifying and disgusting site. What she and Colin found, were many empty blood packets left on the floor. She and Colin went to report the incident to Nurse Hantin, but she now seemed out of it too. Nurse Hantin said that she would report it to security. Then when she and Colin left, Nurse Hantin put down the phone and did nothing. She and Colin were also unaware that Nurse Hantin also had two bite marks on her neck!

Passing by the door to the morgue, Colin told her that Bud wanted to see it. Inside the morgue, Bud was not there. Then Colin noticed that a dead body was on the table. This piqued his interest, because he had never seen a dead body before. So against her wishes, Colin lifted off the tarp. Then her heart sank when she saw who it was. It was Felix, the night janitor. Felix had still been alive just this past evening (Felix also had two bite marks on his neck). Since this was too upsetting for her, he replaced the tarp over the body and she and he left the morgue.

Over at the front desk she and Colin were getting freaked out, over how quiet the place was getting. Then out of nowhere Hospital administrator Jack Palmer appeared. Jack closed in on them sinisterly smiling and said that Felix was fine. Then Jack offered to take she and Colin to go see him. Sensing how creep how was acting, she and Colin ran off scared. When they left Jack also had two bite marks on his neck!

Then much to she and Colin's shock they encountered Felix walking up the stairs. Felix was laughing and smiling while showing his new fangs! Once again she and Colin ran off terrified. But Felix followed she and Colin into the room. Then Felix tried to bite her and she screamed. Then Colin stepped and threw him away, asking him what his problem was.

Felix said his problem, was that he was the first victim and had too much blood drained. So now he was becoming a vampire. Felix also said that everyone else in the hospital had been preyed on as well. Therefore they would soon become vampires as well. Felix noticed that she and Colin still looked normal. So he deduced that she and Colin may be able to stop it, before it was too late. Felix urged them to do it soon. Before it would get she and Colin as well.

To explain things better, Felix lead she and Colin to the basement. There Felix showed them a vampire's coffin. It revealed to she and Colin that a vampire was smuggled inside. So now it had been preying on everyone in the hospital. Then losing control, Felix attempted to bite Colin to prove it he was telling the truth. Then she stepped demanding he stop it and threw Felix out of the way. Felix then explained that the vampire mailed itself in his coffin to the hospital, under the false pretense that it was a water pump. Felix mistakenly signed for the order and had it brought into the hospital. Felix then told she and Colin that if they burned the coffin, they would destroy the vampire. Since a vampire can't live without a coffin.

Margot then appeared from nowhere. Margot asked them if they were okay. Felix just hid from her terrified. Margot told her that Vampires don't only need a coffin. They also need to feed every fifty years. Also that there is no better place then a hospital. Because it's like a candy store. Then Margot told her that her "work" was almost done. Terrified, she and Colin tried to leave. But Margot stopped them, and transformed into her true form: an old hideous evil male vampire! She and Colin quickly ran off terrified. However the doors were blocked off by security guards who had also been bitten.

She and Colin went to hide in an empty room, where they revealed how scared they were to each other. Colin tells her that it wasn't the first date that he had in mind. She replied by saying that she hoped that they can make to a second one. Finally Colin suggested that they follow through with Felix's instructions to destroy the coffin. Next Colin suggested that he would try to lure it away. Then he asked for her to push the coffin into the incinerator. Hearing this, she strongly disagreed. Since she thought that the coffin would be too heavy for her to lift by herself.

So Colin reluctantly agreed to let her to lure it away and for him to push it into the incinerator. The she went to the main floor and ran into the elevator. As she went in, she called out to get Margot's attention. Then on another floor, she tried to pull the fire alarm. However Nurse Hantin stopped her. She kept on running into everyone who was now under Margot's control. Finally Margot followed her all the way to the roof.

On the top of the roof, she fearfully kept running around, to stall Margot and give Colin time. Then Margot finally caught up with her and chased her all the way to the edge of the roof. Margot transformed into the vampire. Then he picked her up and dangled her in the air, saying that he would drop her and let her fall to the pavement. Then he would just lick up the bloody mess. Then at the last moment, the vampire changed his mind and decided to just do it the "old-fashioned way". So The vampire extended his fangs and prepared to bite her. Just before he could bite, her, Colin managed to puxh as the coffin into the incinerator. Then the vampire literally went up in flames. Then it fell off the roof and crashed to the pavement below and burned to death.

Soon all the staff, nurses, and patients were healed and changed back to normal. Nurse Hantin asked where Margot was, (jokingly asking if she already scared her away). As a cover up, she told that she did scare Margot way. She and Colin rejoiced and hugged. Then she mentioned that no one can remember what happened. Felix said that he could remember, and he thanked them for their help. Then Colin asked her if they could have their second date. She told him that she was sure that she could squeeze him into her tight schedule. Then she and he both left feeling happy.

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