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This good character is a heroine.

Amanda Cameron is a character created by David. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Lonely Ghost".


Amanda's parents were scientists studying Inuit stone carvings up north. Therefore she was brought over to spend the summer with her Aunt Dottie and her cousin Beth. She was looking forward to this. She thought it would be great to hang out with her cousin. But her cousin was the complete opposite: She was mean, rude, stuck up and obnoxious, and she wanted nothing to do with her. Since her cousin thought she was a geek who enjoyed reading and learning.

After she walked into her cousin's bedroom. Beth was rude, cold and unwelcoming to her. Her cousin said that she wasn't going to spend her whole summer hanging out with just her. She tells her cousin that her Aunt probably wants her to be involved with Beth and her friends, whom she can get to know. So Beth tells her that if she wants to hang out with she and her friends, there are several conditions: Her cousin wants her to make it look like she isn't even here. So she has to clean up the room every morning, and she can never touch her stuff. Also she must never tell on her to her Aunt or nanny. The last thing is that she has to spend a night in the abandoned house next door alone.

Later that night, she was writing a letter to her parents. Then she was approached by Beth's nanny. She starts a conversation with her, but Beth interrupts them. Beth tells her that she hates her nanny and wants her gone, and that she is crazy because of something that happened in the old house next door. The next morning, Amanda brings down she and Beth's laundry, which Nanny takes down to do. Then on her Aunt's way out, Beth rudely told her not to touch her stuff, while she was out roller skating.

Later that night, Beth and her friends take her to the house and explain the legend behind the supposed haunting: Years ago, a little girl lived in that house and was constantly taunted by the other kids because she couldn't speak. One day, her mother found out that her overseas husband was sick. The mother sent her daughter to her grandmother's house while she went away to help him. But while the girl was walking, she was approached by mean kids. They chased her back home and locked her inside her bedroom. Unable to contact anyone, the girl died of starvation, and is now said to haunt the place as a ghost.

The girls tell her that she needs to spend the entire night in the little girl's bedroom. It's the initiation for joining their club. Which they all had to do. They remind her, that they'll know if she's still there by shining a flashlight at the window all night long. She reluctantly takes up the challenge. Ultimately she would rather spend the summer hanging out with them. Instead of being all along as an outcast. She slowly heads off to enter the house. Then she finds the girl's bedroom, and she hears scratching noises and turns around to find "Help me" written backwards on the wall.

Suddenly, the ghost of the little girl appears in the mirror. As she approaches, she is nearly scared to death from the sight of her and she screams her head off. So she runs back to her Aunt's house. Then she hides in her room as Nanny watches her come in. when her Aunt Dottie got home, she told her everything that happened. Her Aunt Dottie was not one to believe in ghosts. But she was mad about the way Beth and her friends treated her.

The next day, her Aunt sent she and her cousin with buckets of soapy water to go next door to clean the walls. When they arrived to the room, they were surprised to find many more backwards "Help Me's" written on the walls. Her cousin was furious with her, believing that she did it on purpose to get her in trouble. She said that there was only one backwards "Help Me" written on the the wall last night, but Beth didn't believe her. Then she and Beth argued. She told her cousin that she quits the club. Then her cousin tells her she wasn't going to let her in anyways.

Then the mirror magically changed into a portal from the time period of the ghost. Her cousin got hypnotized by the mass size of the ghost girl's doll and stuffed animal collection. Her cousin slowly walked in to play with the toys and vanished. Then the ghost of the little girl walked out in her cousin's place. Once again she was terrified. So she screamed and huddled in the corner

When she calmed down, she realized that the ghost was harmless. All the ghost wanted to do, was to give her a locket. Inside of it there is an old black and white picture of nanny. She now realized that Nanny was really the ghost's mother. She figured that the girl wanted her to bring to Nanny. Still scared, she nervously asked the ghost to unlock the door, so she can go over and get Nanny for her. The Lonely Ghost trusted her and opened the door. So she quickly ran over to find Nanny. She looked all around her Aunt Dotty's house. But she had difficulty finding her.

Then at the last second she saw Nanny about to get into a vehicle to leave for a nursing home. She begged for her to go with her to the house. Then when she showed Nanny her daughter's locket Nanny, Nanny was shocked to see it again. So she lead her back to where she found it. As they entered the bedroom the Lonely Ghost was ecstatic to finally see her mother again. She approached Nanny while smiling with open arms. Nanny was shocked to see her daughter after all this time, apologizing for not knowing she was still here. The two had a tearful but happy reunion.

Then the ghost asked her mother in sign language to go with her through the mirror. Nanny happily agreed, and they entered the mirror together. The two of them entered the portal and were taken back to the original time period that they used to live in. She watched, feeling happy that she helped them.

Then the portal closed, and it converted back to a wardrobe mirror. Her cousin was still stuck inside of it and begged her to let her out. Beth's friends just happened to arrive also. The friends agreed with her to only let Beth out on the condition that she won't be mean and bossy anymore. Beth promised so she let her out. Then Sally told Beth that they going to have to make some changes in their group. She soon become the new group leader and allowed her cousin to stay in the group. She also ended up having a great summer.


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