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This Magical Item is Neutral.

The Amulet of Ankhra was a Neutral Magical item. It was created by Gary. It was from the episode "The Tale of the Carved Stone".


Not very much is not about the origins of this amulet, or who created it and when. The amulet, was mostly in the possession of The evil monk


A most peculiar stone

Brother Septimus. How he got this amulet and how long he had it for is unknown. This amulet enables the person who uses it to travel through time. It can take the person to the past or to the future. However, it is unknown if the user can control what period of time they wish to travel to.

For a number of years, Brother Septimus used this to travel back and forth through time. This made it easier to evade the authorities. This was because he enjoyed preying on innocent victims and slaying the blood of the innocent. He was eventually captured back in his own time in the 15th century, and sentenced to death by hanging. Then he somehow, retrieved it and escaped.

Then he used it to travel forward through time to the year 1994. That was where it was assumed that he dropped or somehow misplaced the amulet. The amulet was soon found by Sardo, who wanted to make quick sale. Soon he conned a teenage girl named Alison Denny into buying it. She was tricked into thinking it was an Egyptian friendship stone. Sardo tricked her into thinking that it would help instantly gain lot's of new friends. Also that the incantation to use it was "Amrack Vitualin Ra". However, it soon turned it that it might have be the right incantation after all.

Soon Alison may a shocking discovery. She found out about it after touching a mirror with this amulet. This allowed her to travel to the 1890's. There she met and befriend Thomas Jefferson Bradshaw a.k.a Tom. Soon she invited him to a visit to see the world in her time. This was where they encountered Brother Septimus.

Alison Jumped onto Brother Septimus' back and they both bumped into her mirror. Then just as this happened, Tom shot the amulet at the mirror through a slingshot. The mirror smashed in a huge powerful flash. Then Tom was sent back to his own time, while Brother Septimus got trapped and soon vaporized in an unknown abyss. It is unknown whether the amulet was destroyed or if it endured the aftermath of the flash.