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Amy Dorney is a character created by Betty Ann. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Curious Camera".


Amy is the younger sister of Matt. Her brother for some time has been bullied and mistreated by his peers at school. Mostly by the bully Kullback. Until her brother was given a free camera from Mr. Calhoun the photographer. Her brother soon discovered that the camera could cause people accidents and misery. So he used it on Kullback and it made Kullback have an accident, where a locker fell down on his foot.

She soon found her brother making a checklist from his class picture, deciding on whom to teach a lesson to next. She wanted to know why, so he explained her how the camera worked. At first she didn't believe him, she though he was messing with or not feeling well. Then to prove it to her he took her picture. But he ended up quickly rescuing her from a falling chandelier. That little brush with death was enough to convince her that he was telling the truth. Together, they looked over the photos Matt had taken so far, and she noticed a small smudge on one of the pictures. Upon further review, Matt realized the same smudge appeared on all the pictures. Her brother finally noticed it was a little gremlin when he looked through it with a magnifying glass.

Her brother tried to return the camera to Mr. Calhoun, but to no avail. He told Matt that he couldn't take it back, because the camera now chose him. When her brother returned home he accidentally took a picture of their parents, who were about to go out for the evening. At first she thought they should not look at the picture. She believed that if they did not look at it, it may not come true. Her brother convinced her that they had to look at it. So she and her reluctantly looked at the picture, it showed their parents car being involved in an accident.

So she took the camera outside and attempted to destroy it with a baseball bat, only to find the camera sitting on the table in perfect condition when she walked back inside. The her brother came up with the genius idea of setting up the camera to take a picture of itself. He did this by ducking down out of the way and tapping the button on the camera with a hanger.

This worked and destroyed the camera and saved their parents in time, preventing a car accident. Then suddenly the Gremlin entered the television's camcorder. So she and her brother got out of its way, so it would not take their pictures. Then she and her brother ducked down again and her brother kept using the remote control to turn the television off. Finally the television overload and exploded. She and her brother now thought they destroyed the Gremlin, However after she and her brother left the room, they did not realize that the camera's gremlin had now entered the computer. So now the gremlin will use the computers webcam!

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