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Amy Pease is a character created by Kristen. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Hungry Hounds".


Amy is from the city. She went to the country to spend the summer with Aunt Beth and cousin Pam on their family farm. Her dad is her Aunt Beth's twin brother. She and her cousin Pam had an older Aunt named Pam. She died thirty years before the events of the story took place, in a horseback riding accident.

During the events of the story, she and Pam discovered an old trunk. It belonged to their late Aunt Dora. She and Pam figured that it had their Aunt's old clothing in it. She also found an old photograph of their late Aunt with her horse Mirage. Due to heredity, her cousin Pam looked very much like their late Aunt Dora.

She was very bored and she wasn't used to living the quiet plain and simple life in the country. So Pam tried to encourage her to play dress up and board games with her. Also Pam disclosed a secret to Amy: In her spare time she liked to ride the horses. Which her Aunt forbade her cousin from doing and taking riding lessons. Her Aunt now believed that horses were too dangerous. After what had happened to her older Aunt.

The next day she and her cousin played with a Ouija Board. She watched her cousin become compelled to move her hand to the letters: L,E,T,M,E,O,U,T. Then to the numbers: 1,4,9. They figured that this was the combination to the clothing trunk. At first she didn't take things seriously. She just thought it would be fun to open the old trunk and let all the rodents out.

When she and Pam opened the trunk, Pam put on the red riding coat. This enabled the spirt of Dora Pease to possess her cousin Pam's body. Then Dora soon took her back in time with her to the 1960s. Suddenly it was nighttime outside and Dora lead her along the way to the creepy old family cemetery.

Amy at first she thought that Pam was just joking around. When Dora found a certain bone. She told her that in 1963 her family caught a small red fox to be used in an upcoming fox hunt race and named him: Mom Petit Rouge. The morning of the race, Dora decided to set him free. So she opened his cage. Then the smell of the fox drove the hounds crazy and greatly increased their appetites.

Then she and Dora came across the ghost of Giles. He was a family farmhand and stable keeper. He looked really furious to see Dora. She told him her name was Pam, but he didn't listen to her. She listened to Giles tell Dora that she should have fed the hounds when they were alive. When he found them later that day they were nearly starved to death. Then they looked at him and he just couldn't hold them off they were so hungry. Then the shock of it was so intense it gave him a heart attack and he died on the spot. Then she and Dora ran off, while he screamed to Dora asking her why she didn't feed the hounds.

Then inside the barn, she now realized that Dora's spirit really was possessing Pam. So she tried to get her to take off the jacket to change back to. Pam. But Dora ignored her. She tried to tell Dora that she and Pam were her nieces. But Dora ignored her again. Dora told her that her brother and sister (her dad and Pam's mom) were only ten-years-old. Then hearing the hounds barking. she begins to think that Dora is evil and is going to feed her to the hounds.

So she locked her in a closet. The Dora persuaded her to feed them some kibble. So she got the bags out as Dora escaped the closet and let them all out. Then as the hounds got out they were so hungry, they tried to sick on her. She was terrified. So she climbed on top of a bail of hay trying to kick them away as they kept trying to get close and bite her.

Then Mon Petite Rouge showed up and chased them away. So she was able to get free and leave the barn. Then she saw Dora mounted on her house. Soon afterwards, the hounds returned to the barn and ate the kibble. So her Aunt Dora's unfinished business was finally resolved. Now her Aunt Dora's ghost would no longer be tormented by the barking of the hounds, and now her Aunt Beth would no longer be haunted by the ghost of her older sister.

Then she finally found the doorway back to her Aunt Beth's attic. The she found herself back in present time. At first she was worried not to see Pam. Now she got worried that Pam become trapped in the past, and didn't know what to tell her Aunt Beth. Then she was relieved to see Pam that was back and freed from possession.

Then she heard Pam say she had to feed her dog. She misheard her say the plural word: dogs. Reminding her she only had one. So for a moment she thought Pam was still possessed by Dora. She and Pam argued a few times about whether or not Pam said dog or dogs. Then Pam asked her what was wrong with her and to never mind what she just said. Then Pam said she had to go feed her own dog Rexy. Now she realized that she still had some of the kibble from 1963 in her pocket. So she pulled some out, and smiled saying that she had just the thing.

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