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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Andre is a minor character created by Vange. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Zombie Dice".


Andre is the younger brother of Alex. He and Alex hang out on a regular basis after school at "Click's Emporium". The Emporium was a popular hangout for children and teenagers. A place to social, play recreational games, video games and buy snacks and sodas.

During the events of the story, he was getting embarrassed with how wimpy his older brother Alex was. He was annoyed that his brother never like to take part in challenges, risks and bets. Unlike his brother's friend Tate who was a champion gamer, gambler and risk taker.

The next day, he and his brother were worried when it seemed like Tate had gone missing. However Tate had not gone missing. Tate had been captured by Mr. Click. Mr. Click had challenged Tate to a dice throwing game called: Zombie Dice. Since Tate had last the game, Tate had to use a pedestal machine to give Mr. Tate his thumbprint. It turned out when you win someone's thumbprint, you now own them. So Mr. Click was using that machine to shrink the losers of the Zombie Dice games down to a miniature size. Then mail them around to various buyers around the world as unique pets.

To save Tate, his brother secretly used him his a stake to challenge Mr. Click to a soda drinking game. However he was completely unaware that his very life was on the line.

The soda drinking game between his Brother and Mr. Click, was that Alex had bet that he could finish three mugs of soda, before Mr. Click could drink a small glass. But Alex wanted a head start to be fair. Also Alex and Mr. Click could not touch each other glasses.

After his brother finished the first mug, Alex placed it upside down onto Mr. Click's glass. Seeing this, he taunted Mr. Click, reminding him that he could not touch his brother's glass. Therefore his brother would finish first.

Realizing he lost, Mr. Click tried to make a run for it. But Mr. Click's henchman Klimbo (fed up with being mistreated by Mr. Click) forced Mr. Click to scan his thumbprint on the machine. So he, his brother and Tate were free to go. Then very soon after Click's Emporium closed down and Mr. Click was never seen again.

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