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This is a good character.

Andrea is a minor character created by Tucker. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Time Trap".


Andrea is a nice a friendly person. She goes to school with Jason Midas and Brad Row. She has intimate feelings for Jason, which she later found out he reciprocated. During the events of the story, Jason was nervous and shy. So he got cold feet when he attempted to ask out on a date for the upcoming Friday evening. She was a little disappointed. Since she could tell that he was attempting to ask her out. But he did not finish.

After school she saw Jason on her way home. He finally faced his courage and spoke to her. He asked her if she would like to go to a movie with him that upcoming Friday night. She was pleased and said that she would love to.

However it was unknown to her that Jason had been in a very awkward situation. After school Jason originally had gone to visit Sardo at Sardo's Magic Mansion. Sardo had conned Jason into buying magical box. The box turned out to be a zemmy. It contained a powerfully evil and insane genie named: Belle. Belle had caused Jason nothing but mayhem. Whenever Belle would grant Jason a wish.

Jason had almost gotten himself captured by the police, when Belle granted Jason's wish to be away from his problem. Instead Belle made it much worse by sending Jason and Sardo into a stranger's house. The stranger was the wife of a police officer. Luckily Jason got away from being arrested, by wishing that it was yesterday. Therefore Jason never had met Belle, and finally got the courage to finally ask her out. Then she and Jason happily walked off together.

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