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This is a neutral character.

Andy Carr is a character created by Eric. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Dark Music".


Andy's parents had recently gotten divorced. So he lived with his mom and his little bratty sister Christina. They were poor, so he worked a paper route to be able to buy lunch from school. Then one day things got much better when his mom inherited an old big house from a rich uncle named Niles. Just the very day his family moved in he went out to work a paper route by bike. Then just by accident, he almost ran over Koda, who happened to be the neighborhood bully.

Koda let him fall down on the ground, then pinned him down by stepping on his chest. Koda threatened him not to mess with him, because the whole neighborhood (including Koda) were happy when his great uncle Niles passed away. Apparently his great uncle was a nut bag and a very creepy hermit. Although he claimed that he didn't even know him, Koda said he was still going to give him a hard time, because he was related to Niles.

His mother couldn't even remember Great Uncle Niles. She had not seen him since she was a little girl. Then his mom asked him to get ladder from the basement. So he nervously went down to the basement, as his little sister taunted him asking if he was afraid of the dark.

He slowly went down to the basement. He did not notice that there was a strange crude wooden cellar door kept sealed shut by a twist door knob. However he did find an old antique vintage radio. Then put of curiosity he plugged it in. But it wouldn't work until someone from upstairs would turn on the wall switch, because if not, nothing in the basement would work.

His sister wouldn't bother flipping the switch, so his mother turned it on, and the radio began playing. As it did the nearby wooden cellar's door knob began to shake and turn as the music was playing, but it stopped moving when the music was turned off. Then when the music was turned back on and played a little longer the door began to open. He now noticed the shaking and rattling off the door knob. So he thought someone else was there too.

Then the door opened wide and a pair of gleaming red eyes came forward. Then a demonic voice said: "Hello Andy come on in!". He was terrified and backed away in fear bumping into the radio. The radio fell to the floor broke. As it did the music ended, and the cellar door instantly closed. So whatever it was vanished.

The next day, he was just minding his own business riding his bike delivering newspapers. Then he threw one to Koda's porch and by slim chance it bounced off the front door and knocked over a bucket of soapy water all over Koda. Koda, was furious thinking that he did it on purpose. So he ran after him and chased him all the way home. Then he sneaked into the basement from the backyard cellar getting away from Koda for that day.

Knowing he was in the basement again, he tried not freak out, but just carefully make it back upstairs. He looked around to see if there was anything out of the ordinary. Then suddenly he heard BOO! his little sister was hiding down there waiting for him and she scared him. He warns her not to come into the basement anymore. Hearing this she tells sarcastically tell him that the boogie man will get her.

That evening he was drawing a picture of the cellar door trying to figure out what it could be, and he asked his mom more about Great Uncle Niles. Apparently he was a strange man who never left the house but somehow got filthy rich and all the neighbors though he was crazy. Apparently he had lived a long life and died of natural causes found in the basement near the cellar.

Then he goes to the basement to put some laundry into the dryer. While down there he listens to his own stereo playing. During this time the door knob on the cellar door began to shake and rattle open again.

This time, a very tall life size blonde curly haired creepy doll approached him. She seemed nice and friendly and wanted to play with him. He was almost in a trance and almost reached for the doll's hand. Until his mom who had been calling for him turned off the basement's power from upstairs when he wasn't answering her. The doll instantly went right back into the cellar and the door sealed shut.

He didn't remember anything that happened it was like he was in a trance. Therefore he still wasn't scared enough to boycott the basement. The next day he did more laundry and played more music. This time as the door opened a friendly circus barker greeted him. The circus barker showed him what appeared to be a wonderful amusement pair with great rides.

He was in a trance again and he began to walk all the way to the cellar door. When he got there the friendly circus barker changed into a creepy skeleton and formed a tornado of some sort to try to pull him and suck him inside. After he grabbed onto his stereo, it unplugged and everything stopped. Then he finally realized that the monster behind the cellar door is controlled by music.

Then in a hurry to go find his mom, he totally forgot about Koda the bully. However, Koda ambushed him again and began to punch him in the face. Then Koda took hiss bike and threw it onto the road and the bike was totaled by oncoming traffic. Koda then threatened him again claiming since he now had to deliver papers on foot he'll never escape him now

Feeling broken-spirited and hurt, he cries and gives into feeling defeated. Then he remember the basement monster. Now he smiles and puts his revenge plan to action. He brings down to the basement a bunch of loud speakers along with various other music playing instruments. After wiring them all to play together at once, he rigs them to a switch in the house. Once, he locks all the basement doors, he then a ties a block of wood into a newspaper and sinisterly smiles.

Then he runs over to Koda's home to see him scrubbing the porch again. So he throws the weighted newspaper right at Koda's head and taunts him. Koda chases him all the way home into his backyard. Thinking he went inside, Koda climbs into the open outdoor cellar door, which he locks with a broomstick.

After taunting Koda from behind the other side of the basement door, he told him that his butt kicking days were over. Now he turns the basement's power switch on. Then the basement gets filled full of full blast ear splitting music which drove Koda crazy like he was going to pop. The cellar door, embracing the full blast music, gave a red glow aura coming through the cracks in the planks and it opened faster than before. Then Koda gave a terrified look as a loud growling sound followed along with Koda screaming.

Then he turned off the music thinking Koda learned his lesson. So he goes to let him out. He didn't hear from him or see him. Worried Koda might have been hiding, he warned him he would do it again if he hurts him. No one was in the basement. All he could find was a beautiful new bicycle.

Then turns on his stereo again and the music quietly opens the door. This time it gave off a slight blue glowing aura. This time the monster was very nice and humble possibly now because he trusted him or he had just been joking and teasing him before. Now the monster informs him that just like he is now, his great uncle before him made a pact with the monster. There anything he could ever want again, he could get from this monster as long as he would keep feeding the monster more humans.

When Christina bossily told him she was home and that if he didn't make a her a good dinner mom would punish him, he gave a sinister and diabolic looking smile. As if to say he gladly accepted making the pact. He never ended up feeding his little sister to the monster. He just made sure she never bothered him again.


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