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Angela is a character created by Kiki. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of Apartment 214".


Angela lives with her mother in apartment 212 in the Corteen apartment building. She used to be very lonely, since she was the only person her age to live in the building

During the events of the story, Stacy Cooper and her mom Bonnie moved into apartment 213. She was glad that finally another person her age now lived in the apartment building.

What she did not know, was that apartment 214 was haunted by the poltergeist of Madeline Koegel. Also that Stacy had befriend Madeline and created some sort of pact.

One day her mom got them tickets to see a battle of the bands concert. And she had an extra ticket, so she invited Stacy to come with her. Stacy wasn't so sure she wanted to come, because it was a specific day which she had promised to visit Madeline. She eventually talked Stacy into coming with her, so they could get to know each other and become friends. So Stacy agreed and she went to the concert with her.

She and Stacy soon became good friends and saw each other on a regular basis. But she also ended up being partly responsible for Madeline taunting and harassing Stacy afterwards. Since Stacy broke her promise to visit Madeline on the anniversary of her death. But thankfully Madeline and Stacy quickly reconciled and made amends with each other.

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