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This good character is a heroine.

Anne Peterson is a character created by Betty Ann. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Silent Servant".


Anne lives in a rural farming community with her dad Pete and her older brother Mark. She and her family grow and sell vegetables for a living. Her community also once had a farmer named John Earlstead, who was rumored to be an evil sorcerer, who commanded an evil scarecrow servant to do all of the work. Many people living in the community didn't believe this. But she was more open to the possibility. Eventually it turned out that these rumors were all in fact true.

During the events of the story, her cousin Jarred Conner came to visit for the summer. Unlike her older brother and her cousin who both shared an interest in baseball, she didn't care too much for it. But her cousin Jarred just loved it and wanted to play it all of the time. One afternoon Jarred and Anne were playing a game of catch.

Then she went long to catch a pitch, but she failed to catch it. So the ball smashed through the window of the front door. Her father was disappointed and furious. So he punished her and Jarred by having Mark confiscate their baseball gloves. Then she and Jarred had to do grueling labor to work off the fee for a new window.

Their first job was to deliver beans to a farm down the road. On the way, she and her cousin passed by Mr. Earlstead's old barn. Thinking the barn looked cool; Jarred wanted to check it out. On the way to the entrance of they saw Mr. Earlstead's gravestone. She told Jarred that Mr. Earlstead was rumored to be some sort of sorcerer who had invisible servants working on his farm.

Her cousin didn't believe her. Then when they entered the barn, they found an old scarecrow. She also found a strange item that she put in her pocket. Her cousin thought it was cool. So he talked her into taking the scarecrow back home.

When they get back home, she remembered that they forgot the beans at Mr. Earlstead's barn, and they forgot to deliver them. When she and her cousin went back to. Mr. Earlstead's barn, they retrieved the beans. Then on the way out, she and her cousin were ambushed by Crazy George. He mumbled and ranted incoherently about how he could not find his dragons. So he asked her if they had seen them. Scared and creeped out, she said no. As she and her cousin got terrified and backed away.

Then Crazy George told her whoever has the dragons can control the silent servant by saying "Calevactor Sellemnos". Crazy George also told she and her cousin to be warned. Once the word is given it can't be undone, because it is always listening. Also that only the true master can control it. So now it runs free. Crazy George began to laughing manically as she and her cousin ran away.

Back at home she explained that Crazy George: Mr. Earlstead's old farmhand. Then when she sat down, she remembered that she put something in her pocket earlier and took it out. It was a talisman with two smalls dragons on top of it. Jarred looked at it and twisted one knob out and a scroll came out. Then she listened to her cousin read the incantation out loud. A little later, she and her cousin took out the trash, then her cousin asked the scarecrow to deliver the beans and to fix the window for them.

The next morning, the window was fixed, and she and her cousin were thanked for delivering the beans. But it was clear that she nor Jarred delivered the beans, and nobody knows who really fixed the window. Then she watched her cousin command the scarecrow to finish the fence. Although she was reluctant to him commanding it. Since Crazy George warned them that it was evil.

A little later, her brother was very pleased with them. Turns out the garden fence was all finished and looked fantastic. Her brother was so pleased, that he gave them the afternoon off. Then a short time later we heard her brother get angry, asking to see them. Now her brother was furious. It seemed that the garden fence was later torn apart.

Her cousin had commanded the silent servant to build a baseball dugout. But it turned it that it just ended up using the planks and frames from the fence. She and Jarred tried to tell him the truth, explaining to him that the evil scarecrow did it. But her brother didn't believe them. So her brother grounded them for the night. Before leaving to his baseball game, her brother tried to cheer them up by giving them the bag that had the baseball gloves in it.

Later that night, her cousin was furious, believing that someone stole his glove. She told him that her brother wouldn't take it. Then she listened to him madly say that he would like to kill whoever stole it. Then she mentioned to him that although he didn't mean to say that, the scarecrow still heard him. Worried they looked out the window. Now the scarecrow was no longer in the garden. The she tried reciting the incantation and breaking the talisman in the middle to separate the dragons. But this didn't work.

Worrying her brother took the gloves by mistake, she and Jarred rushed over to the baseball game to warn him. They make it to the clearing where her brother and his team are celebrating victory. She and Jarred warned him that the scarecrow was coming to kill him because he took Jarred's glove. Mark, then revealed that he must have given them the wrong bag. So her dad had the gloves. Then realizing her dad was in grave danger, she convinced her brother to drive them to Earlstead's barn. She now believed that only the true master could separate the dragons: whether they were dead or alive.

Then while her dad sat down in the field is waiting for someone to bring him the tractor parts he needed, the scarecrow walked up to him from behind and was about to close in on him from behind and kill him!

Then she approached Mr. Earlstead's gravestone. Next she held the talisman in both hands and she said: "Only the true master can separate the dragons". Then she smacked down the middle of the talisman on the edge of the gravestone and it snapped in half. Since the gravestone was a holy item. Then the scarecrow instantly teleported to them. Then she said to him: "Calevactor Sellemnos, go back to where you came from!". Then suddenly the Scarecrow vanished and collapsed into a pile of clothes. Her brother couldn't believe his eyes, and asked her what had been going on. She told him that they would tell him all about it tomorrow. After they rebuild the fence.

Then just after they getting into the vehicle to drive back home, two hands picked up the two pieces of the talisman. The person was Crazy George. He joined them back together and laughed manically, believing that power was now all his!

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