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April is a character created by Sam. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Long Ago Locket".


April attends the same school as Jimmy Armstrong and Josh, whom she is both friends with. Recently her teacher Mrs. Ritter was teaching her class about ancient Greece. She thought it was very interesting. Then Jimmy told her that he thought that it was interesting too, in order for her to see that he shared her interests. For the longest time, Jimmy was in love with her, but he never had the courage to tell her how he felt. She also reciprocated and felt the same way.

Then Jimmy mentioned that a new skating rink was going to open soon, and he invited her to join him. She gratefully accepted saying that she loved skating. Then Josh came by and he asked her if she wanted to go see a new movie. It was called Tower of Blood: Part 4. Thinking Josh's idea was cooler, Jimmy disappointedly told her to go to it instead, and they could go skating some other time.

Soon she and Josh saw that Jimmy had fallen down in the woods. So she and josh asked him if he was all right. Then Jimmy told she and Josh that he was looking for a contact lens. The truth was that when Jimmy entered the woods, he entered a time slip, back to the revolutionary war. In which Jimmy met a lost Minuteman named Lt. William who was being pursued by the Red coats. So it was up to Jimmy to lead the minuteman to the escape route. The escape route, would also lead Lt. William to find his lost love Emilienne and finally confess his love to her.

Soon Jimmy revealed the truth to her and Josh. She and Josh thought that he was just tired and stressed and not thinking clearly. After Jimmy convinced them how important it was, Josh lent him his boombox. Sensing he was telling the truth, she wanted to go with him. But he thought that she would be in too much danger. So he said no and he went alone. Then when Jimmy traveled back to the past in the woods again. He saw that his minuteman friend had been captured by the British. Lt. William was just about to be executed by hanging for being a spy. Then Jimmy played the boombox really loud. So Lt. William escape was able to escape.

After Lt. William escaped, the Red Coat Captain chased after Jimmy on his horse at full speed. She just happened to by coming along the clearing in the woods. Jimmy shouted out to her to get out of the way. Then Jimmy grabbed her and they ducked down just as Jimmy returned back to present time. Then she and Jimmy watched the inscription on Lt. William's knife change. It changed from Lt. William to Capt. William. Meaning that Lt. William made it to Harrisville thanks to Jimmy. Afterwards she told Jimmy that she risked her neck looking for him, because she cares about him and she was worried. Then with encouragement from LT. William he finally confessed his true feelings to her. Which she was happy to finally hear. Then he gave her the locket that once belonged to Lt. William as a sign of his love. Then she and him held hands and happily walked off together for a stroll in the woods.

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