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The Tale of Orpheo's Curse
Season 0 , Episode 0
Orpheo's curse title card
Air date 1994
Written by Raymond Benson and Dan Duling
Directed by Stephen Gass
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The Tale of the Fire Ghost
The Tale of the Closet Keepers

The Tale of Orpheo's Curse is an Are You Afraid of the Dark? computer game released during the fourth season of the series. The story itself is begun by Gary, who turns it over to the player character, a new recruit aiming to join the the Midnight Society by completing the story well enough to be voted into the group. The Tale of Orpheo's Curse is about a girl named Terry, daring her brother Alex to enter Orpheo's Palace, a theater condemned and abandoned over 50 years after a series of mysterious deaths and disappearances. It is said to be cursed and haunted, but it's hard to believe.


Midnight Society Cast[]

Story Cast[]

  • Rebecca Arends as Terry
    • Blaze Berdahl as the voice of Terry
  • Jamie Kolacki as Alex
    • Jake Patellis as the voice of Alex
  • Scott Cheffer as Orpheo
    • T. Ryder Smith as the voice of Orpheo
  • Stephanie Manglaras as Mary
  • Milina Marjanovic as Elizabeth
    • Meg Colin as the voice of Elizabeth
  • Shelly Simon as Felicia
    • Nicole Marks as the voice of Felicia
  • Felipe Camacho as Aldo
  • Dorcas Johnson as Roberta
  • Tara Chocol as Sarah
  • Raymond Benson as Federico


Orpheo's Curse Walkthrough

  • This is the second tale told by two storytellers. The Tale of Cutter's Treasure was written by Gary and Frank, while Gary wrote the beginning of The Tale of Orpheo's Curse, before handing it over to the protagonist to complete. It is also the only story shown in the series to be told in this way.
  • While the game was released during the fourth season of the show, it could not have been considered canon at the time due to the presence of the protagonist attempting to join the Midnight Society, the true ending even concluding with their indoctrination into the group. For this story to fit with the timeline of the episodes, it would have to take place between The Tale of Train Magic and The Tale of the Dead Man's Float, as Frank hasn't moved away yet and Stig hasn't been introduced as his replacement. Between the fourth and fifth seasons there is a window where the protagonist could have briefly been a member of the Midnight Society and left shortly before Frank's departure. Despite its possible location in the timeline this story is still likely non-canon however.