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Are You Afraid of the Dark? is a book series that is based on the television series of the same name. This book series began in March 1995 and concluded in January 1999. The first book was written by John Peel, who later wrote three more books in the series.

Two episodes from the show were adapted into books for the series: "The Tale of Cutter's Treasure" and "The Tale of the Nightly Neighbors". The books shared titles with their respective episodes.

The first six book covers each feature a single photo of the face of a surprised or frightened child. (The one exception to this is the cover of book number two, The Tale of Cutter's Treasure. In addition to the photo of a child's frightened face, the cover also includes stills from the television episode from which the book is based.) The covers of the later books follow a completely different style and layout. Each features an illustration that is directly related to the story within.[1]


The following is a list of all the Are You Afraid of the Dark? books.

  1. The Tale of the Sinister Statues (Gary) by John Peel: Siblings Dustin and Brianne suspect strange goings-on at the local museum after one of their friends and the class bully vanish.
  2. The Tale of Cutter's Treasure (Frank/Gary) by David Seidman: Adaptation of the episode of the same name.
  3. The Tale of the Restless House (Sam) by John Peel: A planned prank goes wrong when the mastermind engineering it goes missing, and his intended target, Adam, and his group of friends find themselves trapped in the infamous Hawkins House.
  4. The Tale of the Nightly Neighbors (Betty Ann) by Kathleen Derby and DJ MacHale: Some new neighbors move into a neighborhood. They are originally from Eastern Europe, wear black, collect blood, and only are active at night.
  5. The Tale of the Secret Mirror (Kiki) by Brad Strickland: An attempt to scare her pesky little brother goes wrong when Kim is transported into the world behind the mirror in their attic.
  6. The Tale of the Phantom School Bus (Tucker) by Brad Strickland: Joey finds himself being stalked by a haunted school bus.
  7. The Tale of the Ghost Riders (Gary) by John Vornholt: Josh and his new friend Carlos find themselves in trouble when they follow a skinwalker to his cave.
  8. The Tale of the Deadly Diary (Betty Ann) by Brad Strickland: Hoping to finally keep her little sister from reading her new diary, Elizabeth writes down that if Karen reads it, goblins will come for her. Karen ignores the warning....and it soon comes true.
  9. The Tale of the Virtual Nightmare (Gary) by Ted Pedersen: Cady learns a new horror of video game addiction when her friend Sam becomes addicted to a new computer game he refuses to show anyone....and then vanishes....
  10. The Tale of the Curious Cat (Betty Ann) by Diana G. Gallagher: Overly curious Natalie unintentionally sets off a chain of events that kills a black cat. And now she's going to help it come back from the dead.
  11. The Tale of the Zero Hero' (Sam) by John Peel': Simon's family moves back into their old house, which no one Simon tells believes is haunted by the ghost of his great-grandfather, a supposed coward from World War I. But then the ghost transports Simon back to those days to change history.
  12. The Tale of the Shimmering Shell (Sam) by David Cody Weiss: In a fit of anger, Glynnis wishes her father, step-mother, and step-brother would leave her alone....and summons an evil force that makes her wish reality....
  13. The Tale of the Three Wishes (Frank) by John Peel: Duncan is given a wish-granting comic. And learns that wishes often come with a price....
  14. The Tale of the Campfire Vampires (Tucker) by Clayton Emery: Two cousins on a canoe trip in Maine disturb an ancient cairn and release imprisoned wendigos.
  15. The Tale of the Bad-Tempered Ghost (Kiki) by V.E. Mitchell: Danny is being framed for messes by a ghost.
  16. The Tale of the Souvenir Shop (Betty Ann) by Alice Eve Cohen: Sisters Emily and Juliana learn a new meaning to "buyer beware" when they find a mysterious souvenir shop.
  17. The Tale of the Ghost Cruise (Gary) by Bobbi J.G Weiss: While on a cruise on his great-uncle's yacht, Norris meets a girl named Merle who claims there's a ghost on board.
  18. The Tale of the Pulsating Gate (Gary) by Diana G. Gallagher: Scott Fong discovers the dangers of alternate dimensions.
  19. The Tale of the Stalking Shadow (Sam) by Bobbi J.G. Weiss: Hadley Heering has found a haunted house and wanted to come face-to-face with a supernatural presence that begins haunting her.
  20. The Tale of the Egyptian Mummies (Sam) by Mark Mitchell: Annie and Laura find themselves up against two reanimated mummies.
  21. The Tale of the Terrible Toys (Tucker) by Richard Lee Byers: Carter learns that the toys in his attic are alive. And later, that they might be as friendly as they appear....
  22. The Tale of the Mogul Monster (Tucker) by David Cody Weiss: Snowboarding heir Dee gets separated from his group. And he's not alone...
  23. The Tale of the Horrifying Hockey Team (Frank) by K.S. Rodríguez: John and his hockey team go up against a team of the undead.


  • According to DJ MacHale, this series was created to compete with the Goosebumps book series.
  • DJ MacHale co-wrote the Nightly Neighbors book. This would be the job that allowed him to publish his own books later on, as he had connections via this series.

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