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Are You Afraid of the Dark (film) - teaser logo

Are You Afraid of the Dark? was a planned that was set to release in October 2019, but the release has since been pulled..[1] According to one article, filming was expected to commence in July, but this article was deleted for unknown reasons.[2]

During the 2018 CinemaCon, Paramount showed audiences a non-finalized view of the upcoming film's logo.[3]

The film was pulled from Paramount's schedule. It was planned to coincide with the 2019 reboot but eventually only that was made.




Ross Hull, the actor who portrayed Gary in the original incarnation of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, claims that he has not been approached for any part in the revival and expressed concerns over how fans might react to this.[7]


D.J. Caruso was expected to direct the film,[4] but — according to a now deleted article — he was replaced by Dean Israelite.[2]


Originally, Gary Dauberman was expected to write the film. In an interview with THR, he said, “We’re going to celebrate [...] and honor the darker, scarier tone of the show, which was really groundbreaking for Nickelodeon at the time."[8] In an interview with SlashFilms, Dauberman stated, "[...the film] is a completely original story I came up with, but it still has the Midnight Society and it still has the campfire. It’s still a story being told."[9] However, Dauberman later officially announced his departure from the project, stating, "I just had a different vision to make it and thought it best to part ways."[10]

Some sources have reported Dauberman was replaced on the project by BenDavid Grabinski.[5] More recently, it was reported that Nicholas McCarthy wrote a new script that surpassed what was previously submitted by Dauberman and Grabinski.[6]


An Are You Afraid of the Dark? mini-series has been announced, and it was initially reported that the mini-series' release would lead up to the release of the film. While the film was scrapped, filming for the mini-series began on May 27, 2019 and conclude in June.[11][12]



  • According to D.J. MacHale, a film was also planned at some point in the 90's that never got off the ground. DJ says it would have involved Sardo and been an origin story for the Boogeyman.