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Are You Afraid of the Dark? The Official Podcast is an audio drama podcast series. It is similar to the audio tapes done in the 90's such as Are You Afraid of the Dark?: More Tales From The Midnight Society. It is a collaboration between Audible and Nickelodeon. 6 episodes debuted on September 28, 2023. [1]


  • The Tale of the Last Hide and Seek (Jared Rivet): Four kids take their Hide and Seek game to an abandoned factory, where the urban legend about the Night Watchman MAY be more than just a story.
  • The Tale of the Haunted Holiday (Bendavid Grabinski): Mark and Kat go on a family trip with their dad, where they discover that they are not the only ones in the vacation house they rented.
  • The Tale of the Too Cool Curse (BenDavid Grabinski and Amanda Zubillaga): Hannah wants nothing more than to be one of the cool kids. After purchasing a mysterious piece of jewelry, all her desires, both good and bad, start to come true. (Two parts)
  • The Tale of the Doomed Toyheads (BenDavid Grabinski and Amanda Zubillaga): Kirsten runs a popular toy building YouTube channel, but when a mysterious package arrives at her door, the toy turns perhaps more playful than it seems.
  • The Tale of the Ghastly Gourmet (April Wolfe): Courtney and Judd bite off more than they can chew when their parents take them to a fancy restaurant and they try to make a special order.
  • The Tale of the Gnarly Old Tree [2]


  • The head writer is BenDavid Grabinski, who was head writer of Season 1 of the 2019 reboot.
  • The stories are narrated by Jeremy Ray Taylor, as his character Graham.
  • The intro to episode 1 confirms that The Midnight Society has chapters all over the world.
  • This audio episodes exists in-universe, as Grahm states they wanted to share their stories with the public through this podcast.
  • The podcast was initially announced in 2020 and the final episode of season 1 still mentions 2020 as one of the copyright years.