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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Ashley Fox is a character created by Tucker. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Laser Maze".


Ashley is the twin sister of Kara. For the longest time, she and her sister had the fiercest sibling rivalry. Therefore she and had sister competed against each other in everything. Most of all their favorite past time: Tae Kwon Do. One day during a match, she won a fight between her sister. She acted like a sore winner, while her sister had acted like a sore loser.

Finally their Sabom/Instructor was fed up with their attitudes. He was very disappointed that she and her sister would not bow to each other to show respect. Since winning isn't everything. Because everybody wins and loses sometimes. The Sabom mentioned to she and her sister that they really needed to learn how to respect each other and work together. Instead of always competing against each other.

Shortly after class, she and her sister met the most unusual man. The man was named: Drake. He explained that his company was the largest manufacture of adventures games in the universe. He had watched their Tae-Kwon-Do match. Therefore he had been very impressed with their incredible skills. So he offered them the opportunity to test out a new game. A game that was the ultimate competition. It was meant to be for the best of the best. So Drake gave she and her sister his card, to instruct them where to go. It informed them that the game was called "Laser Maze".

The next day she and her sister were at first confused. They showed up to the place, but there did not seem to be anyone else there. Drake showed up and informed she and her sister that for the day, only they would be testing out the game. So she and her sister prepared to play a game of Laser Maze. To play it, she and her sister were given vests and goggles. The vest had a big red core button in the middle. This fired laser shots from their their 3D glasses goggles. In order to aim they just needed to look. They just needed to aim their lasers at their opponents vest. Then the first player to score three points was the winner.

The game seemed like fun at first. Then her sister Kara beat her. Suddenly she dematerialized and vanished. She was teleported into a bright room and placed onto a cloning machine. Drake's ulterior motive was finally revealed. Drake was from some other unknown alien planet. One in which Laser Maze was the most popular game. However the beings of the planet just were not agile enough to play it properly. So Drake visited Earth. Here Drake would seek out the best developed athletic human beings to capture. Once they were captured, a machine would produce robotic clones of them known as: Betatrons. Then Drake would send them to his home planet to play Laser Maze for the beings entertainment.

However, the cloning machines would gradually drain the victims of their life force and eventually kill them. In no time at all, Drake already produced many clones of her and sent them back to his home planet. Soon a Betatron clone of her, taunted her sister Kara into playing another round. Soon enough four more Betatron clones of her ambushed Kara and scored her out of the game. In no time at all her sister was up to speed about everything. Her sister was worried sick about her well being.

Then suddenly a bang up and damaged Betatron of her returned. It has an audio connection from a Supreme Commander from Drake's planet. It said that they were tired of him making faulty Betatron robots and demanded their money back. Her sister intervened and suggested that they go to his home planet and play the games for them. Instead of having the life drained out of them. Hearing this, Drake happily agreed and took them off of the machines. Luckily she had not been on the machine for too long. So she made a full recovery.

Then remembering their Sabom's advice, she and her sister finally agreed to start working together. So she and her sister double-crossed Drake. She and her sister began to fight off the Betatrons. Then finally she and her sister had to face off against a game of Laser Maze with Drake, who happened to be very good at it. Working together they using their Tae-Kwon-Do skills. They topped it off by doing a jumping kick and they scored the final point. Afterward Drake collapsed and seemed to shut down and conk out. Drake revealed himself to have been just a robot as well. Then she thanked her sister for saving her. Then she and her sister apologized to each other for not respecting each other earlier. Finally they bowed to each other in respect.


  • In real life, Laura Vandervoort and Kim Schraner are nowhere close to being the same age. Laura Vandervoort is actually eight years younger than her co-star Kim Schraner.
  • Laura Vandervoort was also in two Goosebumps episodes, those being "The Haunted House Game" as Nadine, and "Deep Trouble" as Sheena Deep.

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