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Aunt Beth is a character created by Kristen. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Hungry Hounds".


Beth is the mother of Pam, and the Aunt of Amy Pease. Her twin brother is Amy's dad. For generations Beth's family has owned a farm in the country. Also in the past, her family raised hunting hounds and hosted annual fox hunt races.

In 1963 her family was about to host an annual fox hunt race. When her older sister Dora, felt sorry for the fox her family had captured and intended to use in the race. Her sister Dora went into the barn early one morning to set it free. Only for it to run into the woods where all of the hunters were. So her sister got on her horse Mirage and followed it into the woods to see it through safely. Then her sister and her horse missed a jump and died in a fatal accident.

Afterwards, she became very fearsome of horses. When she grew up and had her daughter she forbid her daughter from ever even going near horses, let alone take riding lessons after what had happened to her older sister and it was because she and her brother loved their sister very much.

Also she felt as though she was haunted by the ghost of her deceased sister. The ghost of her sister was looking for a relative to possess to go back in time and fulfill her unfinished business of feeding the hounds. In 1992, her sister's ghost contacted her daughter and niece Amy on a Ouija board. She told the the combination to her clothing trunk. Once it was opened, her sister's ghost possessed her daughter when she put on the red riding jacket.

Once possessed, her sister's ghost took her daughter to the past, then fulfilled her unfinished business of remembering to feed the hungry hounds. Once it was completed, she was no longer haunted by the ghost of her late sister. Then she finally changed her mind and said that it was okay to let her daughter take riding lessons.

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