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Aunt Dottie is a character created by David. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Lonely Ghost".


Dottie is the mother of Beth and the Aunt of Amanda Cameron. She is a real estate agent and she sells people houses. However she just cannot seem to sell the house next door. To her it seemed like it was possessed and haunted and it just didn't want to be sold.

She was unaware that the house next door was haunted by the ghost of a mute girl, who didn't want strangers to live in her house. The little girl had died after being locked up in her room by other bullies in the neighborhood. Her mother had gone away to check on her dad who got sick while serving a war. So the little girl was supposed to go to stay at her grandparents, who never knew she was coming. Then when her mother finally came home, she found her daughter dead in her bedroom.

When her daughter Beth was young, she hired a Nanny to help look after her. However she may not have known that this nanny was the mother of the mute little girl who died in the house next door. For several years, her daughter and Nanny were close. Then when her daughter became a teenager, she became, mean, rude and obnoxious and stuck up. Her daughter now her the Nanny and wanted Nanny gone. But she was hesitant. Since Nanny had no where else to go.

In summer of 1992 her niece Amanda came down to visit for the summer. She hoped that her daughter and niece would get along harmoniously. But much to her chagrin; they did not. Since they were complete opposites in personalities. She soon found out from her niece that her daughter and friends were mean to her, and they made her spend a night in the bedroom of the old house next door. Her niece claimed that it was haunted and she saw the ghost, but she did not believe in ghosts. However she did not approve of how someone wrote the word :"Help Me" backwards many times all over the bedroom walls. She was mad, so the next day she sent her daughter and niece over with buckets of water to clean it off.

Soon her niece found out Nanny was really the ghost of the little girl's real mother. So her niece reunited them and they went back in time to live again through a portal in the girl's bedroom.

It is unknown if she knew what really happened to Nanny and if she ever ended up selling the house next door.


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