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Aunt Sally is a character created by Betty Ann. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Dollmaker".


Sally lives with her loving husband Pete in the country. A few times a year, her niece Melissa would come to visit for the weekend. At first her niece didn't enjoy the visits that much, but things changed after the Henderson family moved in next door. The Henderson couple had a daughter around Melissa's age named Susan. Soon Melissa and Susan became best friends. So her niece would always look forward to visiting to spend her time hanging out with Susan.

When her niece came over for her recent visit she had to break some bad news to her. It was that a few months ago the Henderson family decided to move back to the city. Her niece was devastated to hear this.

She soon found her niece snooping around the Henderson's attic thinking she might find a clue. She then revealed to her niece, that the Henderson's moved away because their daughter Susan disappeared one day. So they left their house open and under the watch of her and her husband in case Susan ever came back. But she didn't want her niece to be in their house, because she was worried that the force that made Susan disappear would make her disappear too.

When her niece was resting she overheard her and husband talking. Her husband claims that Mrs. Henderson swears that Susan was captured by their dollhouse. Also that he had his suspicions about the dollhouse too. She didn't believe it, she just thought that her husband and Mrs. Henderson were just picturing things. What she didn't know at the time was that the dollhouse in the Henderson house was evil. It was evil magical item that could cast illusions to lure its victims to come inside. The dollhouse was connected to the outside door in the attic and it was a portal to entering the dollhouse. Once a victim was inside, they were trapped. Then slowly progress into becoming a real doll. Also that Susan had gotten herself trapped inside of it.

She and her husband thought their niece was sleepwalking. Since she went into the Henderson's attic and opened the door and almost fell to the ground. Melissa was trying to enter the portal to the dollhouse, but it had vanished when her husband has shown up. So they had the house locked up.

Eventually her niece broke in the house entered the dollhouse and bravely rescued Susan. At first she thought her niece had disappeared like Susan did. Then she and her husband were so relieved to see her exit the Henderson house and also that she really did find Susan. She and her husband were rejoiced to see them both back safe and sound. Then her husband burned the dollhouse in a big bonfire.

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