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Aunt Yvonne is a character created by Kiki. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Jagged Sign".


Yvonne or often referred to as Aunt Yvonne, is a nice, sweet, friendly and polite person. She is a personal support worker at the Scenic Vista Retirement home. She helps and assists fellow residents Marjorie, Duncan and Louise. She is sometimes assisted by a local girl named Kate. Recently she could see that she was Marjorie was gradually losing her memory and developing dementia. As it was becoming harder to leave her alone without Marjorie becoming confused, or accidentally doing dangerous or risky things without intending to.

She may or may not have been aware of the local legend of the jagged sign on the top of the cliff in the woods. According to the people living in the country, someone was murdered there years ago. Then the sign just appeared the next day. The jagged sign was defined as: A sign and mark of the dead man. If one was to stare at it for too long they would awaken the ghost and it would possess them. Then lure them up and have them fall to their doom. What she and along with everyone else didn't know was that the ghost, was that of Marjorie's old boyfriend Joshua who died falling down from the cliff many years before.

During the events of the story, her niece Claudia came for a summer visit, while her botanist parents were away for work. She loves her niece dearly and was more than happy to have her stay over. But she had been so busy, that she arranged a taxi to drive her niece over to the retirement home. When her niece arrived she showed her to her room and introduced her to the tenants. Soon her niece met Marjorie who unintentionally startled her. She explained to her niece that Marjorie gets confused at times.

A little later, her niece expressed her disappointment that there didn't seem to be anyone else here age at the home. She was aware of this and informed the local girl Kate that she would be coming. Kate just happened to be around the same age as Claudia. So When she told her niece about this, she was so grateful that they hugged.

A little later she wasn't too happy to hear that Kate took Claudia up to the cliff on the mountain to see the Jagged Sign. Not because she believed in the local legend, but because she felt that the cliff was too dangerous to be on. What she wasn't aware was that, her niece and new friend encountered the ghost of Joshua. He took in interest in her niece and began stalking her.

Then a short time later she was informed that Marjorie's nephew made arrangements for Marjorie to be sent to a nursing home. So she got Claudia and Kate to organize through Marjorie's items, and get them ready to donate them to a thrift shop. When rummaging through them, Kate found an old lock of Marjorie's hair. She explained to her that it was just an old love knot. She then went into details by showing her a very old black & white photograph. It was from when Marjorie was a teenager. In the photograph Marjorie was standing next to the ghost. She pointed out to Kate that when Marjorie was young, she looked very much like her niece did.

Thanks to her, she helped Kate realize why the ghost was stalking Claudia. It was because he thought she was Marjorie!

Later in the day, Marjorie passed away. She and everyone else mentioned how peaceful and happy Marjorie looked at the time. She and the other adults all thought it was because she was going off to a better place. The truth was Kate informed Joshua's ghost that Marjorie still loved him. So he went over to her and declared his love to her. Then the ghost of Marjorie as a teenager reunited with Joshua's ghost and they descended off together to the afterlife.

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