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The Bad Side Warrior is a character created by Andy. It appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Misfortune Cookie". 


The Emerald Garden restaurant, is a Chinese restaurant that is owned and run by the Lee family: Charles, his wife and their two children: David and Theresa. Along with Charles' elderly father Grandfather Lee. At a young age, Grandfather Lee was bestowed a gift from his own Grandfather: It was a small wooden box with two warriors on the front of it. The two warriors represented a struggle between good (the warrior clad in white) and evil (this warrior that was clad in black). The Most significant feature of the small wooden box was its contents. It contained six valuable golden fortune cookies. The cookies were magical and were able to grants wishes and alter reality.

During the events of the story, Grandfather Lee was worried about his Grandson David. David was in such a hurry to grow up and leave the restaurant to go to Art School. David was also getting fed up of slaving away in his family's restaurant, and his family getting in his way. David wanted to become a rich and successful comic book artist.

Therefore Grandfather Lee decided that the time was right to pass the fortune cookies onto his Grandson. David wasted no urged in wanting to sell the fortune cookies. In order to get his tuition money and leave for art school. Suddenly David opened one by mistake. It told David: "One should find perfect existence, through imperfect existence".

Suddenly this warrior came into existence as a manifestation representing David Lee's bad side. It wore black studded armor and a black plated kabuto concealed its face. It also wielded a long and razor sharp bisentō.

It magically took David Lee into an alternate world. One where David Lee was born, but never as a member of the Lee Family. Instead David was born into a world where he had became a wealthy and successful comic book artist. Therefore, with David never being born into the Lee family, the family was short handed. Therefore the Lee family hired a professional cook named: Mr. Chin as their other cook. Which proved to be a very wise choice. Mr. Chin lead the restaurant to fame and success. This changed David's parents into rich snobs. However as a ripple effect Grandfather Lee died a long time ago.

However before Grandfather Lee had passed away, he had passed down the fortune cookies to David's sister Theresa. In this alternate world she became a rebellious punk who never knew enough to stay away from the wrong type of guys. So Theresa began dating the shady petty thief produce courier Eddy.

Every time David tried to return to the restaurant or speak to his parents or sister, this warrior would ambush him and scare him off. It would do so being wielding its weapon and showing off its impressive fighting skills.

Eventually David faced his fears and stood up to him. He asked it why it was chasing him. It told him that it was just trying to protect him from returning to the old life that he hated. Also that he should now be happy. Since now he had been given everything that he wanted.

  • No family to hold him back.
  • No responsibility.
  • More money than he could ever imagine.

Then a Chauffeur pulled up to take David away to a mansion. So it told him to enjoy his new life. For a moment David considered getting inside the limo. Suddenly David changed his mind, after he saw the decorative little angel in his pocket. The very one that his sister gave him the other day as sign of affection. 

Then David abruptly confronted it. He told him that he wanted his old job back. It reminded him that he hated his old job. Then David threw the bisentō away and pushed it. Then David asked for his family back. It also reminded him, that his family got in his way. Finally David told it that he wanted his old life back. Hearing this, he asked him why. Since he now had everything that he had always wanted.

Finally David stood up to it. He told him that if it meant giving up his family was the only way to get it, then he did not want it. Hearing this, it suddenly collapsed against the wall. Then in a dying tone, he told David that since he felt this way, then his good side has won. Then David slowly took off the Kabuto. David was shocked to see that it was actually him as his bad side.

So reality was restored to the way that it was. David was part of his family again, his sister was no longer rebellious and his Grandfather was alive again.

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