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The Bank Robber is a minor character created by Kristen. appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Frozen Ghost".


Many years ago, he was hired to work on the old farm for the Pemberton-Shilling family. At the time the Pemberton-Shilling brothers didn't agree on hiring him. One brother had a hunch that he was shady and strange. But the other brother didn't care and just took his chances and hired him.

The other brothers suspicions about him eventually turned out to be true. He was indeed a notorious bank robber. One day soon, he robbed a bank one day.

The day he robbed the bank, there was a young boy. He lived on another nearby farm close to the Pemberton-Shilling's farm. He was always sneaking around the Pemberton-Shilling house at night. He was always trying to find out where Mr. Pemberton-Shilling's wife had hidden the cookies. The boy snuck in just as he saw him hiding the gold coins into the pipe of the wood stove.

The poor boy was terrified at the sight of him. So ran off to hide. He tried to hide from this man, but he caught up with the boy and grabbed his jacket from him. Then the boy ran off terrified and didn't look back and hid inside the wood shed. The boy was found later that day all curled up. Almost like he was trying to stay warm but froze to death and died. The boy soon became the Frozen Ghost. The Frozen Ghost began to haunt the farm from that day on.

He was soon caught running away in the woods. Then he was put onto a train and sent to prison. However the train crashed on the way to prison. Resulting in all of the passengers; including him to die.

Years later, visions of him would appear within nightmares Charles Pemberton-Shilling III had. As clues to help the Frozen Ghost get his jacket back. Eventually they found out where he hid the Frozen Ghost's jacket. Along with latch key for the wood stove. So not only were the Pemberton-Shilling family able to fix their woodstove, they also found the stolen fortune he had hidden!

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