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Belle is a character created by Tucker. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Time Trap".


Belle is an evil Genie with attitude, centuries ago she came across a metallic jeweled box with a hand imprint on it. This box was known as a Zemmy, the box housed a Genie inside of it. The Genie, was willing to grant her a single wish. However overwhelmed, by greed she wished she had a million more wishes.

This backfired and rebounded on her. When she wished for one million wishes, she was forced to grant them to other people and became the new Genie of the Zemmy. Belle gained powerful magic and the ability to make wishes come true. She also has the ability to grant her master an unlimited amount of wishes, instead of the usual three. But not being so happy, and bored from being cooped up inside so often, she isn't so nice about granting the wishes, and they usually result in serious consequences.

Whenever she gets a new master, she takes joy in seeing him or her be miserable and have their problems become worse. She once had a master, who wished to go on an exciting voyage. Therefore, she sent her master onto the Titanic! Once a kid wished he didn't have to go on a camping trip, so she made the volcano and Mt. St. Helen erupt.

In the late 1990's, for some unknown period of time Bobo came into contact with her Zemmy. It can be believed that she caused Bobo a lot of grief and misery. Bobo got rid of her Zemmy by pawning it off to Sardo. Sardo, wanting to make an easy dollar as always, conned Jason Midas into buying it.

Jason Midas, was conned into thinking her Zemmy was a Persian Victory box. A box used to gained the confidence to do anything. Jason tried it out, wishing to be the kind of guy that girls like. Belle immediately became his new master, and decided to have some fun with him.

She first introduced herself saying she was here to serve him, and make him look popular with the ladies. Instead she humiliated him, making people think she and him were a couple of geeks. Jason repeatedly asked her to leave him alone but she wouldn't.

She joined his English class, and when he forgot his book report on Treasure Island at home, she used her magic to make the report appear in his backpack. However, she tricked him by giving him a review about all the Treasure Islands movies ever produced. This resulting in him getting after school detention.

Also in gym class, she enchanted Jason's dodge ball. This gave him the advantage to single handily take out the other team. This also backfired on him, when he beamed the Gym Teacher right in the face, getting double after school detention.

After school, she tried to make it up to him by giving him a brown sport's car to drive home in. However, just before they drove home. the police arrived, revealing she gave him a stolen car. Therefore, she and Jason were arrested and thrown into jail. She revealed her reasons and motives for making all his problems because much worse. Also she threatened him not to wish her back into the Zemmy, or she would take him inside with her.

She soon realized that Jason was trying to pass the Zemmy onto Sardo, who was greatly interested in taking in back when Jason demanded a return on it. She refused, because he already gave it up.

Soon she sent Jason and Sardo into a stranger's home, when Jason wished to be out of the trouble he was in. She only made matters worse, The Woman of the house called her Police Officer Husband and he threatened to force them out of the house with Tear Gas.

She soon granted the wish for Sardo to have a wish. Sardo also foolishly wished for a million more wishes. Belle was freed from the Zemmy, and she was ecstatic and took off and left them to fend for themselves. When Jason wished it was the day before the event happened, time was reverted and she was a Genie once again.

Her zemmy was last seen, being placed in Sardo's Display window, awaiting a next possible victim.


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