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Ben is a character created by Gary. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of a Door Unlocked".


Ben is a cool and confident young man. He is also a bit stuck up and cocky. Still he does seems to be a caring and supportive person. During the events of the story, he and his best friend Justin were looking for dates for their upcoming school dance. He had no trouble talking to girls, while his friend Justin was too shy and nervous.

In no time at all, a girl named Amy agreed to go with him. Meanwhile he noticed his friend Justin acting peculiar. Justin had recently gotten a miniature wooden door from Sardo's Magic Mansion. Which showed Justin a visions from the future, of a beautiful girl. One who would go to the dance with Justin. The door do not seem to work for him, so he didn't believe it. So he thought that he was just acting crazy.

Soon his friend was greatly concerned. Since the small wooden door had shown upcoming visions of the girl being trapped in a fire. Soon enough, a beautiful girl named: Ashley Ruler just transfer to his school, and into he and Justin's class. Justin revealed to him, that she was the same girl that he was seeing in the visions. He just thought that Justin had seen her somewhere before. So now he was so smitten and infatuated by her that he was simply seeing things. Justin was worried sick about the impending dangerous Ashley was in and wanted to warn her. But he thought that if Justin tried to tell her what he had seen, she would just thought he was crazy and not believe him.

In the cafeteria during lunchtime, he and Justin sat together far down at the table where Ashley was sitting. He could see his lovestruck friend just staring at her. So he tried to convince him to just walk over and talk to her, and ask her to the dance. Then he and Justin could see that another girl kindly welcomed Ashley to their school, with a fancy frosted brownie with lit candles. Then he watched his friend run down the table and doused the brownie and Ashley with water. Since his friend was worried that the lit candles was going to cause the fire.

Afterward everyone was shocked and thought his friend was going crazy. Afterwards, he quickly escorted his friend out of the cafeteria and told everyone that his friend wasn't crazy. Instead he was just sleep deprived and needed more nutrients.

He was unaware that eventually his friend's visions all became true. So his friend eventually did end up saving Ashley from a fire.


  • Shawn Potter also portrayed Duchamp & Pete.
  • Shawn Potter was also in the Goosebumps episode "Phantom of the Auditorium" as Zeke Matthews.

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