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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Ben Buckley is a character created by David. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Shiny Red Bicycle".


Ben is close with his older brother Mike. He and his brother enjoy hanging out and fishing together.

Five years prior to the events of the story, his brother's best friend Ricky Hagerty died, after falling into the river when the fence broke off. He has always been supportive and understanding for his brother's loss. And when his brother would have nightmares and traumatizing flashbacks from when it happened.

During the events of the story, his older brother Mike claimed that he was seeing Ricky Hagerty's ghost. He was the only one who believed him. Everyone else thought his brother was going crazy, or was just having bad dreams and hallucinations from stress and a lack of sleep.

When his brother took a few days off of school to rest, they planned to sneak out early on a weekend morning and go fishing together, while their parents went grocery shopping. But Mike ended up sleeping in, and their dad drove him to the river without him. There he met up with two of his friends. His two friends weren't very nice and one of them was very rude and mouthy. When he knocked over his rude and mouthy friends drink, the rude and mouthy friend through his lure down into the shallow river.

So he climbed down into the shallow river to retrieve his fishing lure. However, he was right near the water dam. And when he found his lure, he got his foot stuck between rocks, and he could not get free. Also a water dam employee just begun to open the dam to let more fresh water in. He screamed and cried repeatedly for help, but his friends either could not hear him, or did not care.

Then Mike found Ricky Hagerty's ghost. It turned out that Ricky wasn't here to harm Mike. Ricky had just came to warn Mike that he had a vision that he was about to drown in an accident in the river!

Luckily his brother rode over to the river in time and helped free him from the rocks. So Mike got him out in time before the water rushed in and saved his life. Other than an injured foot, he was all right.


  • Jamieson Boulanger became somewhat better known, a couple of years later for his portrayal of Cousin Eddie in the television series "My Home Town".

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