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Betty Ann was a member of the original Midnight Society.


Betty Ann is a vibrant girl who has an open and eager passion for the bizarre and twisted and brought Sam into the Midnight Society. It is revealed in "The Tale of the Dangerous Soup" that she is scared of attics. Also, she and Eric had a slight resentment towards each other for an unknown reason. It is noted by Gary that she tells really weird stories.


Betty Ann's stories tend to be about things of the supernatural forces such as zombies and ghosts. Most of the time, these forces try to break into the characters' world or attempt to drag the main character into their own. They also tend to have ambiguous endings, in which where the evil that the characters manage to escape or defeat is hinted to return. She was the creator of recurring characters such as Zeebo and the Ghastly Grinner.

On Screen Stories[]

  1. The Tale of Laughing in the Dark
  2. The Tale of the Nightly Neighbors
  3. The Tale of the Sorcerer's Apprentice
  4. The Tale of the Thirteenth Floor
  5. The Tale of the Whispering Walls
  6. The Tale of the Dollmaker
  7. The Tale of the Bookish Babysitter
  8. The Tale of the Curious Camera
  9. The Tale of the Silent Servant
  10. The Tale of the Ghastly Grinner
  11. The Tale of the Mystical Mirror
  12. The Tale of the Chameleons

Novel Stories[]

  1. The Tale of the Deadly Diary
  2. The Tale of the Curious Cat
  3. The Tale of the Souvenir Shop