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This is a neutral character as well as a victim!

Billy is a character created by Kiki. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Dream Machine".


Billy is best friends with Sean Hackett and Jennifer Johnson. He goes to school with them, and he is in their literature class. Billy is a slacker and the kind of person who puts most things (including his schoolwork) off until the last minute.

During the events of the story, his friend Sean got his own room for rent. But in a closed down and condemned apartment building. He encouraged Sean to ignore the closed off and condemned signs and to just go upstairs. Then he fell through the worn out staircase and landed into a closed off crawlspace under the staircase.

In this crawlspace he and Sean found an antique typewriter. One that belonged to a writer and inventor named James Ellington. He and Sean found out from newspaper articles in the crawlspace that James Ellington disappeared in 1931 and was later found murdered in 1932. He thought that the old typewriter was just a piece of junk. But his friend Sean (being a promising young writer) was intrigued by it, because it was a classic model. He was unware at first that his friend just found the Dream Machine.

Sean tried to convince him that the typewriter was a Dream Machine and that it could create bad dreams. And that the vampire nightmare Jennifer had about him was written by him. But at first he did not believe it. He just kept trying to convince Sean that Jennifer just watched a vampire movie on television and thought about him before going to bed. So she coincidentally had her nightmare.

Then when he took a nap on Sean's bed, Sean wrote another story. This one was about him. The story was called "Trapped". The story was about him. One night on a dare he went to the graveyard to search for the grave of Blind Paul. Just as he found the grave he bumped into a Black Robed Figure. He screamed in horror, as the Black Robed Figure pushed him into the reopened grave of Blind Paul. The wooden coffin closed on him, then dirt began to be shoveled on top of him burying him alive as he screamed his head off crying for help!

He woke up as Sean finished writing the story, screaming and crying. Then Sean pointed out to him that his nightmare, was the exact story Sean had just written. This finally convinced him that the Dream Machine was real.

At first he thought the idea of a Dream Machine could be great. He thought it could be fun to use it to terrorize everyone. But Sean talked him out of it, so they wouldn't end up in jail.

Soon after he and Sean Let Jennifer in out the secret, he and friends were discussing how to stop the Dream Machine.

Then he started reading "The Halloween Dance". Then Sean and Jennifer were transported into the story and were forced to perfectly act out the story. He luckily stopped reading, as he got to the part where the vampire (Sean) opened his fangs to bite the princess (Jennifer)!

Then Sean remembered that he handed in "Trapped" as an assignment to their teacher Mrs. Dodds! So he and his friends hurried back to school to get the paper back.

Then suddenly, as Mrs. Dodds began to read the story, he was transported into the story. He tried to ignore the plot. But against his free will, he bumped into the Black Robed Figure, fell into the open grave. Then he started getting buried alive!

Then Sean wrote a paragraph and it said: "The typewriter stopped glowing, and all the stories ever written on it never came true". The dream machine vanished.

Then he was instantly returned back to reality safe and sound.


  • Joel Gordon also portrayed Josh.

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