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This is a neutral character as well as a victim!

Billy is a character created by Kiki. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Closet Keepers".


Billy is a strong athlete who plays basketball for a small selective team. His team consists of two other unknown boys. Along with two girls named Chloe and Stacey. One afternoon, he began to complain. He wanted to kick Stacey off of their team. Stacey was deaf so he and the teammates had to sign every move to her. So now it was just getting too frustrating for him. He then rudely told his team captain, that they couldn't win if, they had to do everything special for her. Reading his lips from what he said, Stacey understood him. So she got upset and threw the ball hard at him and ran away.

Meanwhile, on the basketball court, he was practicing. Then he heard an unnatural sound. Then two men in the business suits approached him. They told him: "You have excellent moves on the court, dude!". He was not amused and uncooperative. They asked him to come with them. When he refused and tried to ignore them, they used a sound wave gun. It emitted an earsplitting sound. It rendered him helpless and nearly in agony. Then the two men escorted him over to a old rundown townhouse. Then he was lead into an elevator. Which took him to a spaceship. Then threatening him with the soundwave gun, they lead him to a cell.

There he was forced to go inside. He was very surprised to see Stacey there. He demanded to know where they were. After having difficulty understanding her sign language, she did a series of charades and movements. This helped him realize that the spaceship was a zoo and they were the animals. Therefore they had been captured as the attractions for aliens to come and look at for their enjoyment. He got mad and pounded on the walls. Then the aliens looking in and clapped with joy. Then he tried to exit out the door. Then the sound waves went off, causing him earsplitting pain.

Soon a girl named Emma told him and Stacey to hurry or they wouldn't be fed. Emma gave them some feeding bowls. The kids were all fed what appeared to be lime green Jello. Which Emma said was not bad if you didn't look at it.

Emma explained that they were all captives of the Keeper: A cruel, heartless and sadistic man. Who was either a humanoid alien, or an evolved human from the future. She was the first kid taken to the zoo. Then four other kids from around the world came too: An African boy, a Swedish boy, a Mexican girl and a Vietnamese girl. Emma was amazed and excited to hear that Stacey is deaf. Because Stacey could escape and not be affected by the sound waves.

When he and Stacey later went back to their cell, he asked her why she now looked so sad. She signed to him that it was because they were planning to kill her. Then he told her that since she couldn't hear, she could just run off and escape. Then she signed to him that the guards would still hear the alarms and catch her anyway. Also she couldn't leave without him.

Hearing this, he was now shocked and felt bad. He asked why she wanted to stay for him. Since he hasn't been very nice to her. Stacey actually spoke to him. She told him that the reason they haven't been getting along very well is not because she can't hear. But it's because he's hasn't been listening well enough to try and understand her. He promised to listen from now on and they planned their escape.

Stacey soon discovered that mirrors deflected the sound waves. So they carried the wall mirror above their heads and run out of their cell, without tripping the alarm. Then Stacey freed all five of the other children. However since they were cameras everywhere the guards immediately showed up. The guards tried to stop them. So Stacey turned the alarm onto them and they all run off.

Then he and Stacey took them all to the master control room. He locked the door shut with a metal bar. Then Stacey took them all to the the big touch screen world map. They at first don't understand what she meant by touching it. So he explained to them what she meant. It was that if they touched a country on the map, the elevator would take them there.

The African boy touched Cameroon and he was taken home. Then the Swedish boy touched Sweden, then he was taken home. The Vietnamese girl touched Vietnam on the world map and was taken back home. Then the Mexican girl touched Mexico and was taken back home. Emma was short and had trouble touching United Kingdom. Then with a lift in the air from Stacey, Emma touched it and got in the elevator back home. On her way out, she asked him to thank Stacey for her.

He and Stacey were just about to go back home to their country, when The Keeper appeared. He grabbed him from behind, in a restrain and threatened him with a sound wave gun. The Keeper was furious because they freed his specimens and ruined his zoo. Now Stacey pretended that she was affected by the sound waves, to lower the Keeper's guard. Then she walked back and lead the Keeper into the sound waves area. Then he covered his ears and ducked down and yelled: 'Hit it!'. So Stacey turned on the sound waves full blast. Now the Keeper got a taste of his own medicine. The Keeper kept on muttering to them: "I'M GOING TO FIND YOU AND BRING YOU BACK!".

Then they entered the elevator and returned home. When they returned back home, he asked her how to thank her. She shows him how to say 'Thank you' in sign language. Then he signed it and she signed back the same sign. Which also means 'You're welcome' while also saying it to him. Then they both walked off together. Soon he and Stacey finally settled their differences and became friends. Nobody believed their story about the zoo, but they always knew that they could talk about it.


  • Tommy Michaels was well known for his nine year role of portraying the character Tim Dillon on the soap opera All My Children.

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