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Black Robed Figure is a character created by Kiki. It appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Dream Machine".


Sean Hackett wrote a short story about his best friend Billy called: "Trapped". He wrote it on the Dream Machine, unaware that it would begin as a nightmare when being written. Then it would eventually became a reality when being read.

The story was that on one cold and foggy night, Billy snuck into the graveyard on a dare. He was to search for the grave of a mythical person named Blind Paul. Then after he found the grave, Billy bumped into this Black robed figure. Whether or not he is the spirit of Blind Paul is unknown. But it can be assumed he is a vengeful spirit. He dug up Blind Paul's grave and Billy fell right into it. It is assumed he set this up a trap for anyone who dares to disturb the peace at the graveyard. When Billy fell into the grave, he begun to bury him alive! Whether or not this really happens to Billy in reality depends on whether or not someone reads the whole story.


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