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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Bobby Sherman is a character created by Kiki. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Unexpected Visitor".


Bobby is the younger brother of Jeff. Unlike his older brother, he is somewhat an athlete and enjoys playing tee-ball.

His father Mr. Sherman is a brilliant computer and software genius. He recently created a program called: The Peabody Project. It was a computer program that worked with a satellite system in outer space. In which a person could set up co-ordinance to any planet across the galaxy. Then send the planet a message. Then by seeing if anyone would reply back, it would prove that intelligent life really did exist on other planets.

During the events of the story, his parents were out for the evening. When his older brother Jeff and his best friend Perch sneaked downstairs to the computer lab. His older brother was a computer hacker. So Jeff wanted to use the satellite system to intercept a radio station and score he and Perch free concert tickets to their favorite band: World War Four.

He soon figured out they were downstairs in the computer lab. So Jeff got really worried thinking he would tell on them. Then get them into trouble. But he promised not to tell on them. In exchange for a banana split with all the fixings.

Then when Jeff was busy making him the banana split, Perch took an interest in the Peabody Project. Perch didn't really know what he was doing. But Perch inadvertently set up co-ordinance 456610237 to a random planet. Then Perch sent a random high note musical message to it. Perch immediately got a reply. Then a Yellow Light Alien instantly arrived to earth, from the contacted planet.

Just then his parents came home. At first his brother was worried that he told on them. But it turned out that they were both just a bit concerned to see that his older brother feed him ice cream before bedtime. So his mom cleaned him up and got him ready for bed.

That evening when his family was sleeping, a small spaceship came to Earth. It landing in the woods by his backyard. The spaceship belonged to a Yellow Light Alien. It was an Alien who came to Earth after Perch contacted his planet and sent a message. First it captured his dog Montana in a yellow light spider web.

The next evening, he his brother and Perch decided to look all around the yard for their dog Montana. He was told to stay in the yard and play tee-ball. In case he came back home. The truth was, his brother and Perch were worried that the Alien who came to earth may have been dangerous.

Soon he heard a low note musical sound. It was almost like it was calling out to him. He thought perhaps Montana was near. So he looked around. Then he bumped into a light spider web and got captured. Soon the same happened to Perch as well. Soon he, Perch and Montana were held captive in air tight tubes inside the spaceship. He and Perch figured out that the alien communicated by making high and low note musical sounds.

Finally his brother found them. So Perch told them how to possibly open the tubes. It was to play a high note musical sound. So Jeff recorded one and played it. Then it opened the tubes and he and the others were freed. His brother was now really worried. Since he found out another alien was on the way to Earth. Or possibly an entire invasion!

Then on the way back to the house, he pointed out two Yellow Light Aliens. The taller one was the smaller one's mother. She was very friendly and polite. She explained to them that her son came to earth when he heard Perch's message. She explained that it meant in their language: "We are toys". So her son came to Earth just to play with them. Also the message her son kept on telling him and the others meant in their language: "I have come to play". So the mother alien's son only wanted to play with them, and he actually meant no harm. Then the mother Alien took her son and returned back to their home planet. Afterwards he, his brother and perch. Along with Montana went back home, and were all safe and sound again.

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