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Bobo is a character originally created by Gary. He was first mentioned in "The Tale of the Carved Stone". But did not actually appear until "The Tale of the Time Trap".


According to Sardo he's also known as Uncle Bob, a Clown who also runs a shop called "Uncle's Bobo's House of Magic". To Sardo, he might have been his friend turned rival and competition. In the year 2000, he was most unfortunate to come across the Zemmy containing the evil Genie Belle. Possibly, this caused him much grief and misery. Then it made him face hard times and possibly even lose his business and go broke.

He may have also lost his sanity, and decided to take down Sardo with him, or con money out of him one more time. Therefore he soon tracked down Sardo, Sardo was shocked to see him and mentioned the fact that he lost so much weight. He desperately offered the Zemmy box to him for a couple price offers (which Sardo denied being too high). Until he decided to give it to him for free.

When Sardo accepted the Zemmy box for free, he broke down into insane laughter. He felt that this time Sardo really was going to lose on the deal. Possibly meaning he would make Sardo face the wrath of Belle. Or some other person he would con into buying it, would benefit from the wishes. Bobo was last seen running out of "Sardo's Magic Mansion", laughing maniacally.

He was also responsible for all the misery that Jason Midas went through. Since he was the one who provided Sardo with the Zemmy box. Making him somewhat a Secondary Villain.

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