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Bonnie Cooper is a character created by Kiki. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of Apartment 214".


During the events of the story, she and her husband separated. So she and her daughter Stacy moved across town and rented apartment 213, in the Corteen Apartments building. At first her daughter thought that the apartment they lived in was too small. She explained to her daughter, that it was all she could afford, so they made the most of it

Soon after moving into the apartment building, her daughter made friends with the kind elderly woman who lived in apartment 214. The was woman named Madeline Koegel and she was an artist and painter. She allowed her daughter to visit the woman regularly and have tea with her.

What she did not know, was that Madeline was really deceased and that she was haunting her own apartment as a poltergeist. So her daughter had unwittingly accepted the friendship offer, creating some sort of pact.

One day her daughter promised Madeline that she would visit her on a very specific day. When the day came up, her daughter reluctantly broke her promise so she could hang out and befriend a girl her age named Angela.

At first she and her daughter thought that perhaps Madeline had moved out. Then she and her daughter got a big surprise. They asked Mr. Holstrom if Madeline had moved out. He told them that apartment 214 had been empty for years.

Then one night she left her daughter home alone, when she went out to works things out with her husband. When she was out Madeline returned and she begun using her poltergeist abilities to terrorize and harass her daughter. But soon her daughter and Madeline reconciled and made amends with each other.

Then a short time later, her daughter talked her into renting apartment 214 for themselves. She was all for the idea, because 214 was a lot bigger, and Mr. Holstrom gave her a big discount on it. He told her that the discount was because the place was haunted, but she didn't believe him.

Therefore, she and her daughter lived happily together in apartment 214. Whether or not her daughter ever revealed Madeline to her mother is unknown.

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