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Brian is a character created by Kiki. He appeared as a minor character in the episode "The Tale of the Quiet Librarian".


Not very much is known about him, but he is friends with Jace Ellman. He plays sports and his is on the football team with Jace. He is also in the same history class, as Jace, Laurie Napier and Carla.

During the events of the story, his history teacher had assigned his class all to be partnered up to work on an assignment. He felt sorry that his friend was partnered up with Laurie. He told him that she was a stuck up snobby geek.

Then as he and Jace walked around he halls, he made fun of the way Laurie talked. Then he kept on making disparaging remarks about her. Jace laughed along when hearing him do this. Then Laurie and her friend Carla just happened to be coming along. They overheard him making fun of Laurie. So now Laurie was insulted and mad. She thought that Jace was doing to it with him. Carla on the other hand kept telling Laurie that his friend was stuck up, arrogant and conceited. Therefore he and Carla both helped to give Jace and Laurie the wrong first impressions about each other.


  • Justin Borntraeger also portrayed Kit.

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