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Brother Septimus is a character created by Gary. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Carved Stone".


Brother Septimus, was an evil monk and a Dark priest, possibly an evil cult leader. He liked to prey upon the weak and slay the blood of the innocent. He was captured and arrested in the 15th century, and was sentenced to death by hanging. Then somehow, through some possible rift in time he escaped and traveled through the reflection realm of mirrors to the future.

Then along the way, he must have dropped or misplaced his amulet. This was called The Amulet of Ankhra. The amulet was his source of power, for being able to travel through time. The only thing he needed to do, was to just touch a mirror with it. Then a time period would open and he would just step through and he would instantly arrive.

Soon, he figured out he arrived in the year 1994, then he discovered that Sardo found his amulet and was planning to pawn it off in his shop. He tracked Sardo down and threatened him, mesmerizing him to telling him who he sold the amulet to. Sardo Revealed to him that he sold the Amulet to a teenage girl named Alison Denny (who foolishly told Sardo where she lived).

That evening, he flew over to Alison Denny's house right outside her window. He scared her out of her wits and tried to mesmerize her by staring at her with his widely opened gleaming bruised eyes. Alison had remembered from earlier, that when tapping the stone onto her mirror, it opened a door into the past and jumped into it to escape from him.

Then a little later, he was still waiting for her. Alison returned home to show her new fried Thomas Jefferson Bradshaw what her life was like in what was the future for him. He then apprehended Sardo, who came over to Alison's house to warn her. Sardo was trying to warn her, that he somehow escaped his execution and left his time period. Also that he was on the loose and he's after the amulet of Ankhra. This was the stone that he sold to her, falsely claiming that it was an Egyptian friendship stone.

Septimus then grabbed Sardo and threatened to slice him up and serve him to the rats of the abyss if he didn't retrieve the amulet for him soon.

Alison and Thomas teased and taunted him, by tossing the stone back and forth to each other. Then they finally threw it to Sardo thinking he would run off with it. However, very soon he caught up with Sardo and retrieved the amulet. Then he traveled through Alison's living room mirror right into the mirror in her bedroom and he ambushed them.

Then he mesmerized Thomas, holding him in a tight bind and bent down on his knees. He then extracted a fingernail claw and slowly closed in on him to slight his throat and kill him. Thomas snapped out of the trance just in time and Alison jumped on his back and he and her both bumped into the mirror.

Thomas then shoot the amulet stone at the mirror from his slingshot. This caused the mirror to shatter in a huge blinding flash. He was lately seen in a fragment of the shattered mirror, supposedly trapped in some unknown dimension's abyss. He last seen scream and shouting as the flaring red energy tore and ripped him apart vaporizing him.


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