Bruce appeared in the three part episode arc "The Tale of the Silver Sight, he was portrayed by Anthony Etesonne-Bedard.


He was a member of the original Midnight Society founded in 1937 by Gene. He has a brother named Bob. He loved puzzles, riddles and brain teasers.

He owned an amusement park called Playland. He was the youngest owner of an amusement park in the world. His favorite ride was a roller coaster.

"I got it Gene"

One day he climbed up to the roller coaster to fix a broken cable. Suddenly he fell to his dead. His brother Bob is sure it wasn't an accident because "Bruce knew this ride better than a spider knows its web". Somebody must have pushed him.

Once Bruce found something dangerous and decided to hide it in order to protect his friends. He hide it inside an eye of a horse on the merry-go-round and painted it blue. So it would stand out, if it ever needed to be found. Bruce told his brother that some day somebody will come looking for this thing and he should only give it to them if there is more than one person. His brother Bob thinks the item has something to do with his death. Since he loved riddles, he put a riddle behind the instructions of where to find the mysterious object. It was a part of a broken record with clues written on each piece. His piece read: "know your true enemy".

Before his death he passed on the amusement park to his brother Bob.


  • Anthony Etesonne-Bedard also portrayed Michael

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