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This is a character with an unknown status.

Bruce McGorrill was a member of the 1937 Midnight Society. He appeared in the three part episode arc "The Tale of the Silver Sight".


Bruce was a member of the original Midnight Society founded in 1937 by Gene. He had a brother named Bob. He loved puzzles, riddles and brain teasers.

The Silver Sight[]

Shortly after forming the Might Society, he and his friends eventually came into contact with a powerful magical charm known as The Silver Sight, which was capable of granting any wish or desire. He used the power of the charm to purchase an amusement park called Playland. He was the youngest owner of an amusement park in the world. His favorite ride was the roller coaster.

According to Laing Candle, they all used it in their ignorance, only to realize too late that the charm was pure evil: it would first give the appearance of what they had wished for, but severe misfortunes and even fatal accidents were bound to follow.

Once Bruce and his friends had realized that the Silver Sight was evil, he decided to hide it in order to protect his friends. He hide it inside an eye of a horse on the merry-go-round and painted it blue. So it would stand out, if it ever needed to be found. Coincidentally the day after he hid the charm he died. He died falling down off the rolling coaster trying to fix a cable. His brother Bob had a hunch that it was no accident. Since it was his favorite ride, which he knew like the back of his hand. So his brother had a feeling that someone or something pushed him.

Bruce bequeathed ownership of the amusement park to his brother after he died. Before he died, he anticipated that something may happen to him. Therefore he told his brother that if anything should ever happen to him to always keep an eye on a certain map for him. Also that some day somebody may come looking for it. So if that day were to ever come he instructed his brother to only give it to them if there was more than one person asking so it would look less suspicious. His brother Bob believed that the item had something to do with his death. Since he loved riddles, he put a riddle behind the instructions of where to find the mysterious object. It was a part of a broken record with clues written on each piece. His piece read: "know your true enemy". He hid his piece in the backyard well of their old childhood house. Bruce himself recorded the message which was on the record the day before he died, and, as hinted by the music which played during his recording, likely did so near his amusement park's merry-go-round, presumably after hiding the Silver Sight in the eye of one of the ride's horses.

Shortly after he passed away, his friend Donna Tilton died in a car accident. Later on his other friend Eleanor Gregory had used the charm and made a fortune on the stock market, only to lose most of it to bad decisions. Which ended up with she and her family living in hiding in the sewers in order to hide from debt collectors, loan sharks and bookies. His two male friends Laing Candle became a rich war hero and his friend Gene happily married Aggie and had a family.

For many years all seemed quiet and peaceful. Until the year 2000 when The Evil Demon in charge of the charm emerged again. His friend Gene now was an elderly man. Gene sensed its presence and tried to stop it all by himself. But the shock of the evil demon was too much for Gene. So Gene died from a heart attack. Aggie was instructed by Gene to ask Gene and Aggie's grandsons Gary and Tucker to track down the Silver Sight and to destroy it once and for all.

So with the help of Gary, Tucker and Tucker's Midnight Society: Quinn, Megan, Andy and Vange they were able to track down the broken record pieces. When Gary fixed the record back together, they played it and they heard an old static like message and warning from him. It warned the Midnight Society to always stay friends and worked together. Since the power of a Midnight Society summoned the Silver Sight, it will take the power of the Midnight Society to destroy. Just before his message ended he warned them all to be careful and to always know who their true enemy was.

Tucker's Midnight Society then figured out where he hid the charm and they found it. The Evil Demon (in the disguise of an innocent Victorian Era waif) tried to persuade them all to start using it. Then Laing Candle showed up and warned Gary that the Waif Kid was really a demon in disguise. The Waif Kid kept tempting Gary to use it on Laing Candle. Since Laing seemed like an option to being their enemy. Since Laing seemed very suspicious after stopping at nothing and doing illegal things to find the record pieces first. But Gary made the right choice and used it on the evil demon itself. Since Gary knew that if he wasn't the enemy, it never would have asked them to use it in the first place. This caused the Evil Demon age away and lose all its powers. Then it freed all of the charms captured souls.

Then in a possible change of times events, a 1937 Midnight Society meeting had took place. In which his friend Gene told everything about the Silver Sight and the Evil Demon as if it had been nothing more than a mere story. So it is possible that he may have never ended up dying in the tragic accident after all.


  • Anthony Etesonne-Bedard also portrayed Michael.