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This is a neutral character.

Bucky is a minor character created by Megan. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Secret Admirer".


Not too much is known about him, but attends high school with his friends Moose and Nick. According to his letterman jacket he is part of a school team called: Crusaders. Just like Moose he tends to be mean, and condescending to girls. He also enjoys making them feel embarrassed or humiliated. Unlike his friend Nick who is nicer and more conscientious.

During the events of the story, a girl in school named Meggie Evans found a love letter in her backpack. It instructed her to go over to the woodshop to met a certain someone. When Meggie showed up, she assumed that the letter came from his friend Nick. At first he and Moose applauded Nick for being the man and giving her the letter. Then after she questioned Nick about it, he took it from her and taunted her. He waved it around and kept on saying: "Kiss me, oh kiss me! Oh I love you!". He humiliated her and made her go home and cry.

A few days later, he and Moose overheard that Nick was being very caring and supportive to Meggie. After it turned out that whomever was sending her love letters may have been a dangerous stalker. After Meggie kissed Nick on the cheek for being for being so caring and supportive, he and Moose stepped in. He told Nick that he was the man and that he won the bet. He then said that he never thought in a million years that she would ever kiss Nick. Since he would never let her kiss him. He immediately offended Meggie again. Then he made her think that Nick was just playing her to win a bet of getting girls to kiss them. He thought for sure that Nick had put on an act. So after she walked away he asked Nick to drop the act. But he didn't realize that his friend Nick wasn't playing along. But that Nick really was developing feelings for Meggie.

Eventually Nick and Meggie did become a couple and began dating. Nick just had to come up with a solution to handling he and Moose. Therefore he and Moose would accept them being a couple. And to not interfere and disrupt their relationship.


  • Andrew Walker also portrayed Eric.

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