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This good character is a hero.

Buzz Crocker is a character created by Frank. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Phantom Cab".


Buzz was kind of a geek. He enjoyed exploring the woods. He often his older brother Denny with careless and annoying antics. He wanted more than anything to prove himself to his brother. To show that he was just as good as he was, and that he was not a loser.

During the events of the story. He talked his older brother into allowing him to lead a hiking trail through the woods. In the process he accidentally spilled water on their map, making it unreadable. Then as he was trying to understand his confusing compass, he almost fell off a cliff, but luckily his brother saved him in time. He and his brother eventually got lost in the woods. Since his brother realized that he spent the whole day pointing the compass to his belt buckle. So the iron in the buckle cause the compass to spin out of control. Then late at night when it was dark and cold, he and his brother bumped into a man in the woods named Flynn.

Flynn lead him and his brother to a doctor he knew who lived in the cottage in the middle of the woods. The Doctor was none other than Dr. Vink. Dr. Vink made them a deal: If they could solve his riddle, he would allow him and his brother to use his telephone to call their parents. Being good at riddles, he took up the challenge. First Dr. Vink asked him: "How far can you walk into the woods?". He came up with the correct answer: Halfway. Next Dr. Vink asked him this riddle: "What's weightless, can be seen by the naked eye, and if put in a barrel, will make it lighter?" When he just could not figure it out, Dr. Vink asked he and his brother to leave. Dr. Vink instructed him that a cab would come by and pick him and his brother up. Then Dr. Vink offered him and his brother to give him a specimen for research. Such as a hand like one that Dr. Vink had preserved in a jar. This terrified him and his brother. So they ran out of the cabin screaming.

Then sure enough, a cab did arrive to get them. The driver was Flynn. Flynn revealed to him and his brother that for 40 years he had been bringing passengers up Dr. Vink's cabin. Then when people fail to solve Dr. Vink's riddle they end up getting a ride with them. Flynn revealed to him and his brother that he was dead, and that he was the one who gave Dr. Vink had hand as a specimen. having died in an accident crashing a tree into a tree afterwards. In which Flynn relives his fatal car crash each time with new victims. Then when the victims die, it gives Dr. Vink new specimens. Flynn then told him and his brother that he may have see some of the victims outside the cabin. He remembered seeing bushes outside Dr. Vink's cabin that were shaking and crying out to them. He now realized that they were ghosts trying to warn them.

Flynn told him and his brother, that they could still solve the riddle before they were going to crashed and be freed. Luckily and under pressure he solved the riddle in the nick of time. The answer was: A hole. Then he and his brother were freed safe and sound. Then the cab and Flynn vanished. Then a forest ranger showed up and safely took him and his brother back home.


  • Sean Ryan also portrayed Seth the Ice Cream boy in the Goosebumps television series episode: "The Tale of the Headless Ghost".

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