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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Candy is a character created by Megan. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Gruesome Gourmets".


Candy is a nice sweet person. Unlike her boyfriend Chuck who is a short-tempered and psychotic bully. She is the babysitter for two brothers: Tommy and David. Although Tommy is a teenager their mom still thinks that she is more responsible than Tommy. So she continued to babysit the both of them.

During the events of the story, she was asked to babysit the boys while their mom was at work. Her boyfriend drove her over and in the process he ran over David's bike. The Bike was broken and the car's paint job was damaged. She felt bad about it and apologized to David, but she couldn't do much about her boyfriend threatening to harm the boys if they didn't come up with the money to pay for the damages.

In the meantime, the two boys had grown suspicious of the two new tenants in the apartment upstairs: Mr. Pimm & Mr. Collins. They had begun to suspect that they were cannibals. Since they had such huge pots and pans, and were always eating. Also portly and chubby people who visited them began to disappear.

The next day, she hadn't seen the boys for a while. So she was beginning to get worried about them. Then she visited Mr. Pimm & Mr. Collins and asked them if they had seen the boys. They proceeded to cordially invite her inside. The sound of her name seemed tasty and delicious to the two Messrs. Then they offered her a cup of their infamous pineapple cider. This cider was believe by the boys to be a roofie type drug. One that the Messrs would use to make their victims pass out. Then kill them, cut them up. Then Cook and eat them. She felt awkward and creeped out by them. So she kept on making up excuses to not drink it and to just leave.

They keep on insisting that she try it, stating it was a "once in a lifetime" experience. Hearing this, she was finally convinced to try it. Just when she was about to finally drink it, the boys come from hiding in the freezer. They ran out screaming that they were cannibals and to run. Tommy proceeded to throw pepper at them and David threw a jar of ice cubes at them causing them to slip and fall. Then they ran off as fast as they could.

Soon the police were called, but they took the Messrs' side. Their boys mom felt humiliated, thinking they were being ridiculous. The Messrs came in as they both begin asking their questions. Mr. Pimm explained that they had a huge stove, pots and pans, because they had really big appetites. Mr. Collins explained that The Portly Man they saw took one look at the huge stack of filthy pots and screamed and fainted. They just missed him, when he came to and left. Also a chubby woman named: Dotty that boys has suspected had been eaten had shown up to be alive and well.

The boys felt bad and apologized to them sincerely. They graciously accept their apology. Then they generously gave the huge package they brought in to David. David opened it up and to everyone's surprise, it was a wonderful new bicycle. David was thrilled, and gratefully thanked them. She was very happy to see that he had gotten a brand new bicycle.

Then the Messrs invited the boys family over for dinner that night. Mr. Pimm said that it would be a luau theme and they've had special place mats made. However they suspiciously looked just like the shirt that her boyfriend was just wearing. They informed them that they would be having "Chuck" Steak on toast!


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