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This is a good character as well as a victim!

"I'd have been toast!"

Candy Warren is a character created by Kristen. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of Locker 22".


Candy Warren attended Derby High School and originally she passed away in 1968. She died because one afternoon she stayed late after school to work on her science project. The project was using a Bunsen burner to identifying compounds by determining there melting points. However she was completely unaware that her science teacher Mr. Shaffner didn't properly examine and inspect all the labs equipment on a regular basis or often enough. 

The Bunsen burner was set up for her to use, unaware by anyone that the gas valve tube was rotted right through. The room filled full of gas and when she lit the Bunsen burner the whole room caught fire and exploded. She died immediately in the accident and that year a tribute memorial page for her was set up in the yearbook to always honor and remember her.

For many years Candy's ghost haunted the halls of Derby High School. She was looking for a person who could travel to the past and save her and warn her science teacher. For many years she had no luck, eventually in the 1990s she found a girl named Julie DuFaux who was occupying her old locker. She gave Julie one of her old beaded necklaces, when worn the beaded necklace would enable her to travel back to 1968. Also when worn it would enable whoever saw her to think Julie was Candy Warren even her teachers and best friends.

Eventually Julie as Candy traveled back to the past to stay after school to do the science project. In the present time Julie's new friend Chris who was shown the past and did research about Candy with Julie asked the eldest teacher in the school Mr. Radeau what had happened. When realizing that the teacher was the irresponsible assistant principal Mr. Shaffner, Chris immediately requested that Candy send him to the past too.

Chris gets to the science lab just as Julie as Candy is about to light the Bunsen burner and he puts it out. Julie as Candy snaps at him for doing it and asks him why he did that. Chris points out to Candy and Mr. Shaffner that the gas valve tube was rotted right through and if the gas was lit the whole room would have gone up and exploded in flames. Just after that the real Candy Warren appears sitting down at a lab table and says I'd have been toast!

With history altered, Candy grew up to become a kind and caring, successful teacher and replaced Mr. Shaffner as assistant principal who is kind and caring and puts up with no nonsense. She gives Julie a friendly welcome to the school, and aware of Fritz and Donny's bullying, she hauls them into her office for discipline.

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