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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Cap Anderson is a character created by Frank. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of Train Magic".


Cap is an engineer and maintenance man who works at a train station. He is an expert on train track routes. He knows every route within a 200 mile radius.

For a numbers of years, he worked with a conductor by the name of Williamson. After Mr. Williamson died, he begun to hang out with the man's youngest son Tim on a frequent basis. Tim would help him carry luggage and sort through his tools.

Then one day, Tim asked him a strange question. It was if he knew about bout the 713 train. The one that passes on the tracks near Tim's house. He laughed saying that if it went by, then it would be a miracle. Because no trains had gone by on those tracks for about 50 years. Since there are so many highways for driving now. Some of those old tracks, had been longed closed off.

The next day, Tim told him that he was given a toy train passenger car. Which when placed onto his train set, made him enter the passenger car of an old-fashioned train. In which the old conductor Ray Lawson tried to bequeath him his pocket watch. In order to make him become the new conductor. But luckily Tim escaped and returned back home, by pulling the emergency break.

Hearing this, he told Tim that it could have been train magic. Then he explained to Tim that trains have their own language. The sound of wheels on metal and sharp whistling and the pure sound of bells. This is a train speaking, if one knows how to listen to it. Then he explained to Tim that a conductor's watch has the most train magic in it. Because nothing is more important to a conductor than to keep track of time.

He then explained that many years ago before radios were invented. The station operators would leave messages for conductors on polls by the sides of the tracks. The Conductor would have to keep an eye out for a message. Then pick it up as the train drove by. Also back in that time, if the train needed to cross into the opposite tracks, the Conductor had to stop the train himself. Then he had to pull the railroad switch to change the tracks.

Then in 1915 Ray Lawson was the conductor for the 713 train. Ray was given a message to stop his train and change the tracks at switch 224. This was because, further up ahead there was some work being done on the train tracks. However, Ray forgot to check his watch and fell asleep, so Ray never got the message. The tracks were not switched and the train derailed. It crashed, killing Ray and everyone on board.

Tim then realized that switch 224 was on the train tracks near his house. So many years ago, the train crashed into Tim's house. Hearing this he got really worried for him. He realized that Ray was out to get him and pick him to switch places with him on the ghost train. So he tried to shoo him away telling him to go and play video games or baseball. And just to stay away from trains.

Then he headed over to the train tracks, to approach Ray Lawson. He demanded for him to leave Tim alone. Ray refused saying that Tim was going to be the new conductor. Then Ray hypnotizes him to become a passenger to ride on the train to lure Tim to come back. Tim saw everything happen from the bushes nearby. If Tim hadn't known he was captured, he would have died. Since the 713 had become a ghost train. And it relived its horrific accident every night since it had happened.

Soon Tim turned on his train set and re-entered the passenger Car of the 713 train. Tim found him sleeping in a chair in the back. Tim tried to wake him up, but he was in a deep sleep. Once again Ray offered Tim his pocket watch. In a trance Tim finally he accepted it. Suddenly, Tim was now wearing an official conductor's uniform.

Then just as Ray Lawson was about to escape the Ghost Train, he woke up from his sleep and told him that it was train magic, of the worst kind. He encouraged him to stand up to Ray. So Tim stood up for himself, saying that he wasn't the conductor. Then Tim stomped on the conductor's watch. Then at the same time Tim's older brother Hank finally pulled the railroad switch. Hank succeeded in switching the train from track 1 to track 2. Just like the Ray Lawson was supposed to do 80 years earlier. This not only freed him and Tim, but also the spirits of all the passengers who had died in the 713 train crash 80 years earlier all of them except Ray that is. Cap explains to Hank and Tim that since he gave up his train and his watch which was smashed by Tim, all he could do now was to walk up and down the train tracks forever.

Tim then told him that he wouldn't be coming around the train station for a while. He smiled and was happy to hear this. Then he told him that he looked forward to seeing him play baseball.

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