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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Captain Abraham Westchester is a character created by Tucker. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Water Demons".


Captain Abraham Westchester is an old retired wealthy Sea Captain. He made his vast fortune by looting and pillaging sunken ships around the world. How he entered the sunken ships is unknown, but it can be assumed he may have used scuba diving gear. When he entered the sunken ships he would steal and collect as much valuable items from the dead bodies of the sunken victims as he could. He would steal items such as gold, silver, platinum in all form of jewelry such as pocket watches, amulets, necklaces, rings. Also he would steal valuable items such as gilded plates, bowls, and goblets. He would also take the valuable telescopes and pistols from the the sunken corpses.

Over the course of many years, he made his vast fortune. Also he would often trade some items for other valuable items with museums and collectors around the world. This soon became a mistake he would regret for many years. In 1964, there was a luxury cruise yacht named the Del Rio. The yacht crashed onto the rocks right within the ocean in his backyard. Then as usual, he looted the ship of all the valuables. The day this happened, was the day he was cursed by the sea.

The curse cast upon him was. by angry and vengeful zombies called Water Demons. The Water Demons wanted revenge on him for invading their resting spots and stealing their valuables. They wanted to drag him down to the bottom of the sea and drown him for revenge. The way the curse would work, is that whenever he would fall asleep the Water Demons would be summoned. Then they would begin to slowly leave the ocean and approach his house to get him.

Over the years, he learned to time his sleep. He would wake up just before they would reach his door. Also he soon became a tense and paranoid old recluse. He lived in isolation and hid in his study room behind a false wall. There he would try to stay awake in his chair by constantly drinking coffee. He would have coffee delivered to his estate. Then instruct the delivery person to put it into his pantry. Then to just charge it to his store credit account.

Then in 1994, after thirty or so years of torment. He met Dean Wilson and his mischievous cousin Shawn Mackenzie. They mistakenly fell through the false wall to his study. At first he was terrified thinking they were Water Demons. So he kept backing away while apologizing profusely. But when he realized they weren't, he apologized for looking so foolish and misjudging them.

He explained the entire story to the both of them. However, both of the boys didn't believe him at first. They just thought he was a crazy and senile old Sea Captain. Then just as they left Shawn stole a solid gold pocket watch. Then that very night, Shawn ran away from his uncle's house and ran over to his estate. That was where Shawn fell asleep in his hammock. Then soon enough, he finished his last cup of coffee and fell asleep.

Then soon enough a group of Water Demons came and they were now also after Shawn. Shawn finally woke him up after constantly honking an air horn. Then soon enough he startled Shawn and Dean (who came looking for his cousin). He recognized the slimy green marks on Shawn's shirt, explaining they were the marks of the Water Demons. He was also happy to prove to them he wasn't so crazy after all.

In his study room, with a telescope he pointed out a buoy. He told them all about the Del Rio Yacht crash in 1964 and that since in happened in the ocean in his backyard, the Water Demons knew where he lived. He explained to them he got so fed up and scared of them that he tried to dump all of their stuff back into the ocean. However they still kept coming. This was because he traded some of the items, and he couldn't get them back because he had no luck tracking the items down. Dean suggested that he should give them the stuff he traded for. He convinced Shawn to help him by reminding him that they were now after him too.

He realized he was right and decided to give the Demons all the stuff he got in exchange back to the Del Rio crash. Then just after he and the boys loaded up a boat, he was accidentally bumped on the head with a rowing oar and he passed out. Dean stayed with while Shawn went out to the buoy and returned all the items into the sea. When Shawn returned the pocket watch he stole he apologized for him on his behalf.

Then soon enough, he recovered and woke up and he was just thrilled to hear that all of their stuff was taken back and the Water Demons were now at rest. From then on he could finally get some sleep and live a normal life again.


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