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This good character is a hero.

Captain Bill is a character created by Tucker. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Fire Ghost".


Bill is a veteran fireman and the captain of station 214. In 1990, he and his crew went to put out a fire at an old woman's house. His co-worker Dan Preston managed to saved the old woman by getting her out of in time. Then his other co-worker Jake Griffin went back inside to check for more trapped people. Then the roof started to cave in. He and Dan called out to Jake, but unfortunately Jake didn't make it out in time.

Soon he and Dan were aware that a Fire Ghost from that fire followed them back and haunted the fire station. The Fire Ghost believed that they were murderers for not letting it take natures course and do what it thought was natural to do. So it began to haunt the fire station, doing things to get him and the other firefighters into situations where they would stare into an open flame and summon the evil Fire Ghost. Then the fire ghost would get its revenge. Therefore the ghost of Jake Griffin decided to protect the fire station when he and the others weren't around.

In 1994, he and his crew got together with Dan's wife Linda and children Jimmy and Roxy. Together they through Dan a surprise birthday in the station. Then he could see the lights flickering on and off. So he told his fellow co-workers that the fire ghost was back. Soon he had to cut the birthday part short, and leave with his crew to put out another fire at a warehouse.

While he was out, Dan's son Jimmy mistakenly released the fire ghost by staring into an open flame. With the help and guidance from the ghost of his old friend Jake, Jimmy and Roxy and were able to outsmart and defeat the fire ghost. Roxy sprayed it with a fire extinguisher. Then Jimmy tricked the fire ghost into using its full power. This set off the ceiling emergency sprinklers. Which doused and drenched the fire ghost into nothing more than a pile of ashes. Afterwards, the fire station was no longer haunted and was safe once again.

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