Captain Jonas Cutter
" I am so moved I could almost die! But then again, I'm already dead."


Captain Cutter



Date of Birth:

Circa. 1750s

Date of Death:



Bloodthirsty Pirate, Captain, Treasure Hunter, Treasure collector, Ghost / Ghost pirate

Cause of Death:



To have a final battle and be freed for his treasure crypt.


Ends up staying trapped forever when Ian's dagger is broken which was the only thing that could free his ghost.


"The Tale of Cutter's Treasure: Part 1"
"The Tale of Cutter's Treasure: Part 2"


Charles S. Dutton



Captain Jonas Cutter took up the name Cutter because he loved sharp blades and how they could cut through flesh. He once had a crew, which one of his members was a man named Ian Keegan. What happened to the rest of the crew is unknown.

He was a ruthless and violently vicious, bloodthirsty pirate. He looted many other ships and killed many innocent people to collect more treasure. Soon he was overwhelmed by his own greed and decided to guard his treasure for all time. He died very soon guarding his own treasure and his ghost continued to guard it as well.

Ian Keegan, betrayed him by switching to the side of good. Ian planned to avenge all the lives of the victims that were killed with a dagger blessed and imbued by their spirits. However when he got to the crypt he was startled to find him already dead and Cutter's ghost overpowered and killed him with his cutlass.

Then 200 years later. When Ian's Keegan great grandson, Rush Keegan opened his old chest andfreed and woke up his ghost. Cutter sent out his lackey Mr. Noise to kidnap Rush's younger brother Max. This was so that Rush would have no choice but to finish Ian's place and have the last battle he was waiting for.

When Rush got to the crypt, Cutter almost had the advantage and beat him. That was until Rush used the dagger's magic to tie and bind him in vines to a throne. Rush was going to use the dagger and stab him and finish him off. Until Cutter showed no signs of worry, or nervous. Instead he was smiling, laughing, taunting and enjoying himself. Almost like he wanted it to happened.

Rush then remembered he was told "What he wants is not what he desires" This meant that he might have wanted something to happen for him, but it's not what really needed to be done. Cutter was bored, because no one remembered his treasure anymore. Also no one ever comes to look for it anymore. Therefore he has no one to guard it from, and no one to fight. Therefore he wanted one last battle and to be freed from his cursed prison.

Rush, decides to break Ian's dagger, therefore no one would ever be able to free his ghost and he would be trapped their for all eternity.

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